2 Essential Things You Must Learn About Growing Argan Trees

2 Essential Things You Must Learn About Growing Argan Trees

2 Valuable Points You Should Learn About Growing Argan Trees

Things you must know about growing Argan trees include its growth rate and how to grow the tree.

The Argan tree is the supplier of Argan oil. This oil is extracted from the nuts that the tree produces, and it has always been used by the ladies of Morocco due to the concentrated nutrients, such as essential fatty acids and e vitamin, that the oil offers. These trees are endemic in Morocco and are located in the forest. They can also be planted in other places with temperatures as low as 19 degrees Fahrenheit.

The way to grow an Argan tree

* Plant the seeds in plastic planting pots

Prepare a three inch-sized plastic-type pot for every single Argan seed that you wish to plant. Make a healthy soil blend by merging one part humus, one part peat moss, and 2 parts loam. Put water on to the soil combination, sufficient to make the soil damp. Then, position the soil combination into the plastic pot and put the seeds 2 inches deep into the soil. It will take approximately a month for germination to occur. When the seedlings appear with a couple of leaves, move them into new plastic pots which are six inches in size before the old pot damages their growing tap root. Prepare the new soil by blending one part humus, one part peat moss, and three parts soil. And then, transfer the seedlings very carefully into their new pots.

* Move the growing seedlings

After a couple of weeks and your seedlings have increased in size, it’s now time to transfer them from their pots and into the ground. Find a good place wherein there is adequate sunlight and the drainage is good. Keep the seedlings away from water logged places or from very sandy soil. As reported by the campus arboretum site of the University of Arizona, Argan trees thrive in poor soil quality in their native location. These trees are not very particular about soil quality.

* Irrigate the tree

In the summertime, water the Argan tree, particularly if you notice that the soil it’s planted in is going to dry up. These trees, in their native locations, take up to 39 inches of rain annually. Argan trees that are deprived of water will get into a dormancy state and won’t bear any fruits. These trees do not even mind if brackish water is utilized for their irrigation.

Rate of growth

According to American University, Argan trees have a really slow rate of growth. These trees produce the hugely sought-after Argan oil from Morocco; nonetheless, because of their very slow growth rate, these trees are very tough to commercialize. Normally, these kinds of trees achieve a height of 13 to 16 feet at 7 years old. This is based on a statement by an Israeli study that was executed by the Institute of Applied Research at Ben-Gurion University. Quite simply, the yearly development of the tree is less than 2 feet for every year. As outlined by American University, these kinds of trees live very long with a life time of 125 to 150 years. The University of Arizona states that these trees, as soon as they attain their maturity age, can attain a height of 26 to 33 feet.

Before planting the seeds, soak them in water for about four days in a dark location.

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