5 Ways to Use Moroccan Home Decor on Your Walls

5 Ways to Use Moroccan Home Decor on Your Walls

Moroccan home decor has slowly evolved with the passage of time and is now used in an eclectic manner with combination of other interior design. The most amazing part is that it works! Interior decorating is all about color, design and texture. Moroccan style stands out at the top for all three of these factors. The addition of small elements has the potential to bring out the best in all of your decorative work. If you want to add a little or even a lot of drama to your home, try adding Moroccan home decor to your walls.

Moroccan Wall Sconces

Wall sconces can dress up a wall like nothing else can. Empty wall space can be filled with small Moroccan wall sconces of varying designs and colors. They look best when staggered at different heights and varying widths. For the most stunning results, ditch the measuring tape and let your aesthetics be your guide. Spontaneity is the key to pulling off this eclectic theme.

Moroccan Area Rugs

What about a traditionally made area rug? Patterned Moroccan area rugs make great floor pieces but they also look great on a wall. The beauty of the Moroccan design is the artwork involved. Turn an area rug into a tapestry and watch your wall come to life in a riot of vibrant colors. Whether you choose to hang your Moroccan area rug as a stand alone or surround it with other home decor elements, an artistic tapestry makes a magnificent substitute for a painting.

Moroccan Lamps

Moroccan corner and wall shelves are decorative as well as useful. Place lanterns or small sized Moroccan lamps on them for great conversation pieces as well as functional lighting. Moroccan pottery can be displayed in rightful splendor when put on a corner shelf. Clay vases and urns come in a vast array of colors. Place an exquisitely painted or metal stamped vase on a wall shelf to add cultural essence to your home.

Moroccan Mirrors

Moroccan mirrors are made of camel bone or iron. Camel bone mirrors are often covered in henna art and the result is truly remarkable. Wrought iron frames are elaborately patterned with inlays and filigree rivaling other mirror frames. Place wall sconce candle holders on each side for a magical feel or hang your mirror in the middle as a focal point.

Moroccan Colors

For the best effect, paint your wall with a warm earth tone to complement the accessories you hang on them. A wall painted in golden yellow and decorated with rich blue, green, orange, purple and red sconces and lamps makes a stunning feast for the eyes. Why not paint the opposite wall in a different color and add a mirror to reflect the beauty of sconces and lamps? The options are endless when it comes to Moroccan decorating.

Mediterranean design is popular because it is timeless and remarkably adaptable to its surroundings. You do not have to go all out and fill your entire house with accessories from Morocco, although you will find that once you get started, it will be difficult to stop adding piece after piece. If a full interior design is not in your budget, just pick a wall and let your imagination go with the enchanting accessories of Moroccan home decor.

Source by Moe Tamani