6 Things You Didn't Know About Argan Oil

6 Things You Didn't Know About Argan Oil

Argan oil is amazing indeed Some fascinating truths about this miracle oil include the following: it comes from the rare and protected argan tree; it can be processed using the laborious traditional manner or using contemporary mechanical presses; argan oil can be used for many beauty and health applications; it is also used for culinary purposes; it can be bought in Moroccan and European beauty shops, supermarkets, and from street vendors; and argan oil production helps empower women.

All of the health and beauty benefits of argan oil leave no doubt as to why people in the know describe it as a „miracle oil.“ The more you know about argan oil, the more you will like it and its magical properties. Interesting facts about argan oil

It comes from the rare and protected argan tree

Argan fruit kernels are where Argan oil comes from. The argan tree is rare, only found in Mexico and Morocco, with Morocco being the main source of the argan oil that is commercially available. In Morocco, the government there supports the national program to grow and safeguard local forestry and thus the argan tree plantation is an integral part of a government-protected region.

It can be processed using the laborious traditional manner or using contemporary mechanical presses

The traditional method for extracting the oil of argan fruit is slow and tedious. First, the argan fruit is picked and then then pulped until the seeds are ready for roasting. Many households do away with the laborious de-pulping process by collecting argan seeds from the waste of goats that climb up and eat argan fruit, which is not digested. Once dry, these seeds are put in mills, roasted, mixed with water, ground, and pressed to produce the argan oil. In more recent times, instead of manually grinding and pressing the seeds, mechanical presses have been used to make oil extraction faster and easier, allowing for a higher rate of argan oil production. This process also produces a purer oil because there is no need to add water upon grinding the seeds. The use of a mechanised process has not altered any other parts of the argan processing.

There are many health and beauty purposes for argan oil

Labeled as the miracle oil by beauty and health experts, argan oil offers many benefits.

*Skin improvement. Argan oil makes a great skin moisturizer due to its content of essential fatty acid and sterol. It smoothly rubs into the skin and leaves it moisturized without feeling oily. The oil helps scars and other skin imperfections heal, as well as titerpenoids that help protect skin from harmful sun and dirt exposure. The final word is that argan oil is proven to be beneficial in preventing premature aging and reversing the effects of skin damage with its high concentration of Vitamin E leaving you younger-looking, healthier and more radiant.

*The benefits of hair. Argan oil also keeps hair strong and nourished. It helps protect hair from heat and other chemicals, preventing dry hair that causes split ends and hair breakage. It also keeps hair shiny and the scalp moisturized, addressing dandruff and other dry scalp problems.

*Nail benefits. Argan oil strengthens and protects nails Many experts recommend the use of argan oil to treat brittle nails and maintain their strength.

*Muscle advantages. Argan oil is also an effective treatment for tired and stiff muscles after sports or any strenuous physical activity. All you need to do is warm your hands over a heat source, dip your hands into the argan oil mixed with lemon, and massage over affected areas.

*There are immeasurable benefits to your health. Taking argan oil orally is proved to be a great medicine in the treatment of arthritis because of the carotenoids present in it. Its linoleic acid and polyphynol content also help in alleviating soreness and inflammation caused due to eczema and psoriasis by acting as anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic agents.

It is also used for culinary purposes

Aside from the amazing beauty and health benefits of argan oil, it is also used for culinary purposes. It can be used as a cooking oil, a substitute for butter, and a salad dressing. The addition of argan oil helps produce tantalizingly flavorful scents and savory food dishes.

Morocaan, as well as European, beauty shops carry this product, however it is also available from vendors on the street and supermarkets

Argan oil can be bought anywhere in shops or even online too, now days. For use in cooking it can be bought in most Moroccan and European outlets. It is common to find argan oil street vendors when you travel between Taghazout and Sidi Kaoki, the area where argan oil is produced. If you wish to buy here, make sure you choose oil that looks more like liquid gold and has an almond aroma.

Women are empowered by Argan oil production.

The exciting plusses of using argan oil extend far beyond your physical anatomy. Despite the high price of argan oil due to its rarity, argan oil production also helps empower women in Morocco, especially the Berber women. With the flourishing international demand for argan oil, the Berber women, with the help of various cooperatives and international companies, are given greater opportunity to financially provide for their families. While working in the production of argan oil, they are provided more rights and freedom, like education.

Argan oil has miraculous properties Not only can it manipulate you into a physically beautiful and healthy woman, however it also offers you the opportunity to help other women, who are producing the oil for you.

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