7 Useful Suggestions To Avoid Hair Breakage For Healthy Tresses

7 Useful Suggestions To Avoid Hair Breakage For Healthy Tresses

To stop hair breakage, avoid exposing your hair to harsh chemicals, regularly trim the ends of your hair, brush your hair only when half dry, keep your hair moisturized, minimize braiding your hair and using hair extensions, go easy on heat, and take vitamin C and E to keep your hair strong and healthy.

The main reasons for hair breakage, which most women hate, are inappropriate hairstyle and lack of care for the hair. Here are some tried techniques that might aid you in avoiding hair breakage and achieving the healthier hair that you’ve been seeking:

Refrain from using chemical-based products on your hair

Harsh chemicals in hair dyes, perming and straightening solutions can cause hair to break or become brittle or damaged. You must avoid the use of chemicals or chemical-based products to your hair in order to diminish hair breakage. If you desire to fix and style your hair, be sure that your hair is well- moisturized and that it is well-maintained by regular treatments recommended by your hair dresser like protein treatments as well as using argan moroccan hair oil.

Routine trimming of hair ends is recommended

According to most hair experts, you should get your hair trimmed about every two to three months. This can be helpful in avoiding split ends, which are another type of hair breakage.

Brush your hair only when half dry

When hair is wet, it is said to be at its most fragile and weakest state. Your hair is subject to breakage in this condition. Thus, it is advisable not to brush your hair until it is nearly dry. You may also choose to utilize a wide-toothed comb to fix your wet hair, but as long as you’ve applied conditioner to prevent breakage.

Keep hair well-hydrated

When hair is too dry or damaged, it tends to break. Another way to keep hair from breaking is to keep it moisturized. Hair can be moisturized with the application of protein formulas and conditioners. For best results, alternately use protein treatments with conditioners.

Don’t overdo braiding and hair extension usage

Other factors that could make your hair more fragile to breakage include tight cornrows, hair extensions and braiding. To avoid putting so much stress on your hair that causes breakage, it is good to reduce applying these hairstyles.

Limit heat exposure

Constant exposure to high heat can cause your hair to be delicate, resulting in breakage. Be sure you limit the use of flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers, to avoid hair breakage. Prolonged sun exposure should be avoided If you spend a lot of time outdoors, it is advisable to use a cap to protect your hair from damage.

Take vitamin C and E to keep your hair strong and healthy

Your hair reflects your health. Another reason why hair breaks easily is the lack of nutrients in the body. This makes hair brittle and prone to breakage. Vitamin C and E supplements will help in making your hair stronger, healthier, and less subject to breakage.

If you want healthy and strong hair, the only way to do it is to take good care of it. When you get your hair styled, be sure to heed the recommendations of your stylist. After all, if you care for your hair, its beauty will reflect on you.

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