All about Poufs

All about Poufs

A pouf is a stuffed seat with no back or arms. Common uses of this piece of furniture include extra seating, small table, foot-stool, etc. Most poufs are typically round and made of leather, though there are many more shapes and materials available.  Regardless of material or shape, the right pouf should combine function and beauty and handstitched Kano and Morocco poufs are excellent examples.

Moroccan poufs are very common and are carried by several brick & mortar as well as online retailers. Kano poufs on the other hand are not as common in the U.S, though Kano has a long, documented history of creating exceptional leather goods. According to Columbia University Encyclopedia, 6th edition, „The city (Kano) has long been known for its leatherwork; its tanned goatskins were sent (from about 15th cent.) to N Africa and were known in Europe as Morocco leather….Kano’s written history dates back to A.D. 999, when the city was already several hundred years old“.

Kano poufs and many Moroccan poufs as well are typically embroided which adds unique beauty to the pouf. Creating these pieces, takes about 4-7 days depending on the size, method of production and complexity of the design.

When shopping for poufs, quality is typically not an issue given the well-made, gorgeous poufs from both Kano and Morocco. In fact, the challenge comes from picking just one or two pieces when the available choices are so impressive. 

Searching for Moroccan poufs yields a long list of available retailers that offer offer a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. For Kano poufs, offers exceptional handstitched poufs made by master artisans.

Happy shopping!

Source by Lara Junaid