Arabian Nights Themed Party: the Moroccan Tent & Arabian Bedouin Tent

Arabian Nights Themed Party: the Moroccan Tent & Arabian Bedouin Tent

Moroccan tents traditionally belonged to the palace and were erected to welcome kings and sultans as they traveled the kingdom and entertained their guests.

Today, although still used by the palace, Moroccan tents gained popularity among event and themed party planners worldwide. The Moroccan tent interior and exterior decoration is an emblem of authority, spirituality, and beauty.

The Marriage of national colors, namely red ( symbol of power), green ( symbol of the sacred) and gold ( symbol of wealth) reflect the Moroccan ethos.
The tents are hand-made by a group of forty artisans that live and work together for a month. The artisans weave with their own hands, showing the history and unique tradition of the Moroccan people: past and present. The tents authentic character allows them to become the homes of extraordinary feasts and the perfect showroom for the most luxurious products.

When you acquire a Moroccan tent, you are not just getting a simple shelter but a part of Morocco itself. Its plush qualities reflect the labor of each artisan.

Saint Tropez Boutique of San Francisco, California one of the largest manufacturer of fine handmade Moroccan tents just lunched a newly designed Moroccan party tent with stunning arabian designs and patterns. These Moroccan tents are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and are easy to be installed and putdown a matter of an hour or so.
Moroccan tent is great for weddings parties, Birthday parties, bachelor parties, graduation parties, corporate parties, or even if you want to creat a cozy and stylish outdoor cabana in your backyard.

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