Cheap flights to Ghana. what to expect from 2010?

Cheap flights to Ghana. what to expect from 2010?

2009 was full of great cheap flights to Ghana offers from prices as low as 356 GBP with Afriqiayah Airways or as high as 419 GBP for direct flights to Accra Ghana with Ghana International. The cheap indirect flights, like Egypt Airways were also leading in the race of cheapest ticket offers by offering below 400 GBP fares inclusive of taxes. However, as we moved towards the peak season, there had been considerable price hikes. Where the inflation graph was descending in major industries, the travel industry was facing the reverse. In the International Air Transport Association conference in Kuala Lumpur July 2009, it was further highlighted that where the fuel prices have been decreased for automobiles the high-octane airplane fuels have become more expensive. Certain airlines, like the Belleview airways, suffered serious consequences and had to terminate its operation in July temporarily. The reason was that the purchasing power of public reduced where as the costs of fuels went up, the airline had to offer flights in a reasonable fare in order to earn revenue good enough to continue operations. Yet, the turnover was not as expected.

Contrary to the flight situation in July, December flights went pretty well. Besides the depressing news that the flagship carrier of Ghana and the only direct flight, Ghana International Airways will go bankrupt, nearly all economy class tickets got sold away. The result was positive of course, and the airline continued its operations without any disruption. This has further enabled the airline industry analyst to predict that „if Ghana International successfully operated this December, (as it already is), It will become a strong competitive for many other carriers„. People already prefer to travel with Ghana International known as the GIA flight as the fares are not only the cheapest but also more convenient than going via Egypt or Tripoli. Besides that, the ratio of complains is also far less, there hadn’t been cases of baggage loss or schedule change that can be a traveler’s nightmare.

As resulted from the intense observation of cheap flights to Accra, Ghana 2009, it is forecasted that the flight prices are likely to go up in 2010. However, the difference may not be more than 50-100 GBP. It is already seen that since July the taxes of certain airline have gone up between 5 to 15 GBP. People are much more aware now of the low and peak seasons and therefore the demand of seats remains nearly the same almost throughout the year even in the months like February or October. However, only about 3 years back Feb or October used to be the least demanded dates.

What can be suggested is the old method of saving …“the sooner the better“. For people who are buying next year tickets in advance or towards the end of December, will be more defiantly getting cheaper flights to Ghana, in comparison to those waiting on last minute good deals.

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