Crafting the Caftan for Plus Size Women

Crafting the Caftan for Plus Size Women

The caftan is a long, snug-fitting item of clothing with short or long sleeves that can be both worn by men and women. They especially look great for plus size women because of the enhancement they offer. Caftans have become a wardrobe staple for plus size women. However, do you know that it has an interesting history behind it?

Caftans were said to have originated from Asia Minor and Mesopotamia in 600 BC and variations were widespread in selected African countries. It was introduced in Eastern Europe and Russia in the 13th century and provided the inspiration behind the basic garments that were made in the 19th century. The Turks brought the caftan in Poland and Hungary when they conquered these nations and which furthered the caftan’s proliferation in Europe.

In the 16th century, the Ottoman Empire crafted their caftans from satin, velvet, silk and metallic threads. The material by which a caftan was made from was indication of one’s social status. The luxuriously made caftans were given away as goodwill gifts to visiting dignitaries, ambassadors, state heads, bureaucrats and artisans.

Women’s caftans are more fitted compared to the men’s. Gores were incorporated on the latter’s design causing it to flare at the bottom.

It was Diana Vreeland who brought it to contemporary fashion consciousness in the 1960s. Vreeland published a series of articles in Vogue magazine about her trip to Morocco and dubbed the garment as for „The Beautiful People“.

In ancient years, caftans were worn by kings and emperors, by royalties. Now you know why caftans can make women feel like royalty.

Source by Priyanka Arora