Creed Cologne For Men

Creed Cologne For Men

The many courts of Europe (such as Spain, Austria-Hungary and France) recognized the quality and originality of the House of Creed, and it subsequently moved to Paris in France in 1854. Creed colognes serve a very specific clientele and the House of Creed has currently approximately 200 unique scents, all selectively original and custom-made by the cologne designers.

The Creed family continues the tradition by producing these colognes, both for men and women across generations. The current Master Perfumer of the House proves to be Olivier Creed, and through his latest efforts, the House of Creed has introduced a few new fragrances for the benefit of the globe, namely Flower Fantasia, Empress Eugénie Jasmine, Green Irish Tweed, Vanisia, and Fleur de Bulgarie. All these fragrances come in exclusive bottles, complete with glass stopovers that are covered with original leather for brilliant preservation properties.

The creed scents utilize some of the most fragrant and highest quality natural substances from all over the world. The rose essences are selected from the purest bunch in Bulgaria, Turkey and even Morocco. The jasmines and irises are obtained frm Florence, Italy while the tuberoses are imported from India. Parma violets are obtained from the original location according to its namesake, and Olivier Creed takes great effort to preserve the use of natural ingredients in his fragrances, as opposed to other fragrance makers that opt for synthetic scents. The House of Creed takes great care to carefully weigh, mix, macerate and filter the ingredients by hand before they are packaged and sent to only selected retailers worldwide. To date, the Creed fragrances can boast to possess the highest percentage of natural substances in the history of French perfume.

Some of the most popular men’s fragrances include Creed’s number 1 best seller, the Green Irish Tweed that incorporates floral, green and woody scents in it. Silver Mountain Water is another amazing fragrance from Creed, this one combines the purity of pouring alpine streams as well as the cooling freshness of mountain air in a single fragrance. Tabarome is one of the more masculine scents from the House of Creed, and it merges the fragrances of sandalwood, Patchouli and Vetiver together with green tea, mandarin and lemon. If you are looking for a fragrance that combines wood and green aromas in one, then Original Vetiver would be the solution for you from Creed. Or if you are interested in a completely different fragrance, the Millesime Imperial was created specially to celebrate Creed’s 140th anniversary of supplying fragrances to the Imperial Courts of Europe, and would prove to be an excellent choice.

The House of Creed not only caters to men, but also to the fairer sex. Some of the more prominent fragrances for women from the House of Creed include Acqua Fiorentina, Fantasia de Fleurs, Irisia and Love in Black.

If you are one who appreciates the touch of nature in your perfumes and fragrances, The House of Creed would be the perfect match for you.

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