Dictator-King of Morocco Mohamed thinks Spaniards are racists too

Dictator-King of Morocco Mohamed thinks Spaniards are racists too

Mohamed, the son of Hassan, has had a phone call from our king Juan Carlos, aka „my family goes first“. The reason for this call is that these last days continuous and „spontaneous“ demonstrations against Spanish Police are taking place in the border between our two countries near the Spanish city of Melilla.

These demonstrators are boycotting the normal traffic of merchandises between Morocco and Spain and have caused shortage in Melilla´s markets. The cause of these demonstrations according to rioters is that the Spanish Police is treating Moroccan subjects with disrespect and showing racist prejudices. The Spanish Foreign Affair minister, Mr. Moratinos, has not yet made any comment on these serious events, as a matter of fact he seems not to be „available“.

King Juan Carlos has had to call Mohamed the sixth to ask for some clarification and the government spokeswoman María Teresa Fernández de la Vega has said that this is not going to affect our good relations with our southern neighbours.

I find so odd and so stupid the fact that all our government cabinets have always issued these same statements when it comes to any matter concerning Morocco.

For any not well informed observer that would read this official statements it would seem as if our relations with Morocco were at the level of those the USA has with neighbour Canada.

But the truth is that Morocco is not a democracy by any means, that no one decides in such Theocracy to demonstrate in front of the border insulting the Spanish Police and denigrating the female officers with irrespectful pictures if they do not count with the royal support. The prove to what I am saying is that these demonstrations take place right before Moroccan Police and that these policemen do not do anything to prevent these people from insulting and denigrating. Who are the racists in this play? Because this is a play that is being directed by the Moroccan King. Are the Spanish police officers in the border racist?

I cannot answer that question. I can just say that I am sure some are and some are not, and that each and everyone of them will have his or her opinion about Morocco, and that maybe the constant traffic of hash and the lack of respect that many Moroccan males show to policewomen can create a bad image in some Spaniards, including police officers. 

I can also say that slapping a female agent or spitting on other is probably a demonstration of hatred and lack of principles and maybe someone could call that an act of racism. The racist argument is just an excuse for the Moroccan secret service and feudal king Mohamed to put pressure on our weak government. A government run by the mesiah of something he calls the „Civilization Allience“, a man who has brought misery and poverty to Spaniards. 

A man that while fighting hard to allow 16 year old girls to abort without parental consent or to grant the right to adopt to homosexual couples did not really care to fight our raging unemployment. Our President, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, a man everyone consideresd a clown among high net worth politicians after his speech during the Bilderberg Meeting in Sitges (Barcelona).

He, Zapatero, will be fighting to change our consciences and he will be, and he is and acts as, the biggest of cowards when he must face a dictator such as Mohamed or Hugo Cavez and tell them not to mess with us like former President José María Aznar did. Mohamed knows that Spain is weaker than ever in the international arena and he plans to apply pressure to Zapatero so as to steal from us our two cities in Northern Africa: Ceuta y Melilla. Mohamed knows a lot of things about what really happened before, during and after the March 11th 2004 terrorist attacks in Madrid. Many of the arrested ones were Moroccans and in Morocco nothing escapes the control of the secret police.

Maybe pieces of information could be leaked from Morocco. . Maybe that information could lead to prove that a plot orchestrated by pro-socialist elements withing the Spanish secret services and police together with some Moroccan scapegoats provided with the help of Moroccan services, that were nothing but small drug dealers and none of them belonged to Al Qaeda or even attended their Mosque on friday, were responsible of the terrorist attack. .

That information could result devastating for Zapatero, who knows that the official theory about the march 11th attack has less solid grounds than the Moroccan plot, and he is going to go down on his knees before Mohamed or anyone that can threaten him in such way. Maybe that is the reason why king Juan Carlos has had to act as a royal foreign affairs minister. 

Former President José María Aznar used the green beret elite forces to expel Moroccan troops from an small island of Spanish sovereignty (Isla Perejil), that was Mohamed first try and he found out that the guy with the moustache was up to no jokes…Maybe that caused 11th of March terrorist attacks in Madrid that was the direct cause of Zapatero victory three days after. . Mohamed and Zapatero both know that bearing such „weapon“ could cause a lot of harm to both parties and Mohamed and Zapatero know that Ceuta and Melilla becoming Moroccans would cause a revolt in Spain and very likely a war against Morocco and Zapatero would have to look for shelter in Rabat.

Source by Rafael