Exercise Before Bedtime Can Promote Sleep

Exercise Before Bedtime Can Promote Sleep

Florida fitness expert had researched the fitness effect at different time. They believed that the elderly, the early morning or evening bedtime exercise than exercise may be more health effect. Here’s akind of exercise before bedtime.

1, Nail head and hand friction index finger, middle finger, ring finger bent 45 degrees, with a fingertip massage from head 1 to 2 minutes. Can enhance brain blood flow, strong brain cells and promote sleep.

2, Two-handed thumb thumb rubbing ear ear close to the bottom side, top to bottom, from front to back, rubbing friction force both ears 1 to 2 minutes. To dredge the channel, heat soothe the nerves and prevent hearing degradation.

3, Two hand palms rubbing surface close to the face, gently rub the face to all hard parts of 1 to 2 minutes. Face can dredge meridians, prevent wrinkles, relieve mental fatigue.

4, Two hand palms rubbing shoulders rubbing friction force neck and shoulder muscles, with emphasis on both sides in the back of the neck spine 1 to 2 minutes. Can relieve fatigue, prevent neck and shoulder lesions.

5, Top-down push motor harness with two hands pushing Mount chest, back, lower back, internal organs can dredge meridians.

6, Two palm palm push legs relative, were placed on the outside and inside the left leg, starting from the thigh, pushed along from top to bottom leg 1 minute. Mount right leg this way and then push 1 minute.

7, Cross right foot palm rub friction rub feet all parts of the left foot back, then right foot back left foot heart rub all parts of Morocco, then left foot right foot with friction rub mind rubbing friction with the right foot then left foot center, a total of 2 to 3 minutes. This method can eliminate fatigue feet, through yin and yang meridians.

8, Stacked closely overlapping palm Mount abdominal abdominal weak attempt, first clockwise, then counterclockwise loop Mount all parts of the abdomen, with emphasis in and around the navel, a total of 2 to 3 minutes. Can be a strong stomach, promoting digestion and absorption.

Note: For exercise, the eyes closed, mind quiet, tongue light arrived in the palate, full body relaxation. 1-7 can be used sitting, Section 8 to supine position.

Whole exercise about 12-18 minutes. Doing hands should be close to the skin, penetration, the stronger the better. Done, physically relaxed and able to sleep peacefully.

Source by angela