Five Essential Selling Points Of Argan Oil

Five Essential Selling Points Of Argan Oil

Argan oil is found in the seeds of the Moroccan Argan tree and is extracted by cooperative women’s groups. It contains a variety of essential vitamins and oils that enhance skin health and works wonderfully for massages.

Moroccan or Argan oil is gaining real popularity as a health and cosmetic product. From its beautifying effects on the skin and hair to promoting good health, Argan oil benefits are worth considering. Incorporating Argan oil into your daily routines is a good idea. Knowing some facts about Argan oil makes it easier to understand it.

Argan oil is extracted from the seeds of the ancient and rare Argan tree

Argan oil provides cosmetic, nutritive and medicinal benefits. Argan trees are part of the native flora of Morocco. More than half of these trees have been destroyed in the last hundred years. This resulted in the trees being put on the endangered list back in 1999. Making Argan oil by hand was a labor intensive process. Moroccan women and cooperatives work in concert with many shops and companies to ensure that Argan trees are preserved and that their extracted oil is derived using environmentally safe techniques.

Cooperative groups in Morocco employ women who help with the manufacturing of Argan oil

These groups have complete control over the global distribution of Argan oil. Berber women are now making a career out of this traditional practice. Argan oil gives these women a reliable and stable source of income for their families and children.

There are a lot of fatty acids and important vitamins in Argan oil

Argan oil contains nearly 70% linoleic and oleic acids.|Argan oil is composed of almost 70% linoleic and oleic acids.|Rich in vitamins as well as essential fatty acids, 70% of the ingredients of Argan oil consists of linoleic and oleic acids.}It is also a rich source of vitamin E. This oil is good enough to eat and will add nutrients to many of your favorite dishes. People who are concerned with their heart health need not worry because Argan oil is cholesterol free. In truth, oleic acids and monosaturated fat content assist in lowering bad cholesterol.

Argan oil’s soothing qualities make it perfect for massages

Argan oil is known to be soothing on the skin, which makes it great for massages. Its anti-inflammatory qualities make it an effective pain reliever for muscles and join pain.

Argan oil benefits extend to skincare and hair care

The nutritional properties of Argan oil make it a „must have“ addition to your skincare and hair care regimen. An emollient such as argan oil is a great skin and scalp moisturizer. It is rich with antioxidants and will help nourish your skin and keep it from aging. There are several skin ailments like acne where Argan oil is useful. Argan oil is reputed to have benefits for both your hair and scalp.

Many people regard Argan oil as a miracle oil. It is worthy of this description because of its amazing natural properties and the benefits it provides.

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