Genesis Veracity – Where is the Mexican Aztlan

Genesis Veracity – Where is the Mexican Aztlan

Mexicans speak of Aztlan, also know as Atlan, as their ancient homeland. Atlan means „land of the Herons“ according to „the company line“ and was allegedly located in the desert Southwest of the U.S. It seems that this is in order to say that it is the ancient Mexican homeland in the current United States of America.

On the other hand, the Popol Vu, an ancient Mexican history book, says that the ancient ancestors sailed to Central America from across the Eastern Ocean during a time of „black rain and constant twilight“ also known as the Ice Age. Of course, the Eastern Ocean refers to the Atlantic which is etymologically derived from the name Atlas, who was a son of Posidon („Father“ Sidon), a son of Canaan, who was a son of Ham, also known as Chronus, Gargoris, Khem, and Cham.

Therefore, the ancient Mexican homeland was the Atlas empire with the Atlas Mountains near Gibraltar being named after him. That maritime kingdom included the coastal regions in many parts of the Atlantic Ocean during the Ice Age. Sunken ruins of this kingdom are reported off southern Spain, Morocco, the Teneriffe Islands, and the Bimini Islands located just east of Miami, all being coastal port facilities during the Ice Age when the sea level was close to 100 meters lower.

There are many ancient legends about a now submerged empire. The Dutch refer to it as Atland, the British name it Avalon, the Spanish name it Atlantica, the Portuguese name it Atlantida, and of course, the Mexicans have a legend about Atlan. Obviously, these legends are all speaking about the same Atlantic Ice Age empire whose namesake was Atlas, or the Map Man, who used the ancient mapping methodology explained in article #2 at

The ancient Mexican calendar system was based upon the precession numbers from this mapping methodology, so you can see that their ancestors were the Atlanteans, from Atlan/Aztlan, whose empire was submerged with the end of the Ice Age.

Source by Brent Riggs