Guess Swimwear

Guess Swimwear

Guess is one of the most popular international clothing brands that also promote fashion accessories like watches and jewelry. Question mark (Guess?) is the motif of this world famous brand. The brand owes its existence to four brothers born in Ouarzazate, Morocco named Georges, Armand, Paul, and Maurice Marciano. The Guess Company was founded in 1981 and the first product launched was a three-zipper style of jeans that was named „Marilyn“. The commercialization of the brand was done in 1982 and its black-and-white ads became extremely famous in the fashion world. Many popular fashion models and actresses like Claudia Schiffer, Valeria Mazza, Adriana Lima, Drew Barrymore, Anna Nicole Smith, Paris Hilton and Jordan were featured in their advertising campaigns.

Guess swimwear collection also got a great response like its clothing line, watches, fragrances, etc. Guess swimwear is precisely crafted to perfectly fit the body shape and accentuate the feminine figure. Guess offers an extensive range of colors and patterns in its swimwear collection and a variety of style. All Guess swimsuits are made from high quality material like Spandex or Lycra which make them highly comfortable. Guess swimsuits are very durable and are resistant to chlorine or salt immersions which also make them perfect for aqua sports. The appealing designs and unparallel fittings are the essence of Guess swimwear. These beautifully designed swimsuits with sexy cut-outs will wrap your body and make you look gorgeous, attractive and appealing.

The distinctive shades, exotic designs, and contemporary style of Guess swimwear made it extremely popular among the women of all age groups. Artistically designed Guess swimwear silhouettes became a rage among fashion conscious women. Some popular patterns featured in guess swimwear include floral, polka dots, sizzle stripe, and geometrical designs. You can find everything in Guess swimwear collection ranging from bikinis, monokinis, and tankinis to halter bikinis, one piece swimsuits, and cover ups, etc. Guess is a premier brand and offers best swimsuits in the industry, so add one today to your swimwear collection.

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Source by Alan Walkov