Hermes Kelly the Graceful Dream Stuff

Hermes Kelly the Graceful Dream Stuff

Today I will discuss one of the classic Hermes handbags with you, that’s Hermes Kelly. In my opinion, they are not only the symbol of a classical brand, but also a dream of women all over the world.


The origin of Hermes Kelly should be traced from Hautacourroy, a kind of leather handbag setting for saddle.
In 1935, Hermes 35cm Kelly was introduced into market. Grace Kelly, the Morocco princess of the time had particular interest to it. In 1957, as a mother to be, in order to hide from media release, Grace Kelly covered her stomach by her Hermes handbag.

Grace Kelly with Hermes Kelly

Grace Kelly

From then on, that kind of handbag was familiared to the public. Since then, having get the permission of Morocco royalty, Hermes CEO RobertDumas named the handbag Hermes Kelly formally. Till recently, Hermes Kelly is still a sign of Hermes fashion.


like Hermes Birkin, Kelly handbag is hand-built by experienced craftsmen too. While, there are one great difference, that’s the flat single handle. Besides, usually the bag’s capacity is lower than the Birkin one. The design has various size, 25cm, 28cm, 32cm, 35cm and other mini ones. Also the color is abundant by your chice.


All leather materials of Kelly handbags bought from global bidding block by their purchasing people are top-quality. The best peices are chosen out after carefully selection. In fact, leather of it is just a peice of value, what’s more valuable is the time cost on it and its handicraft. In other word, you bought a visible luxury bag, while actually, you have spent too much money on invisible time.

Victoria Beckham with Hermes Kelly

Victoria Beckham with Hermes Kelly

Celebrities and Hermes Kelly

As a sign of taste and a symbol of social status, it’s no doubt that most celebrities love it. Like Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sharon Stone.

Source by Tina A Jane