In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

           ‘Praise be to God, The Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds‘.

  1. May Peace and Blessings of God be upon app. 124thousand Prophets of God from Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Ayub, Idris, Zul-kifl, Job, Luqman, Salih, Suhaib, Lot, Jonah, Moses, Aaron, David, Solomon, Eliza, Zachariah, Elia’s (John) Jesus Christ and Muhammad (Sal).  

May Peace and Blessings of God be upon thee and thine family.


                                              R   E   A   D .

I read an article, ‘HOW TO READ A PERSON LIKE A BOOK.‘

One should know, ‘How to read a book.‘

R E A D : Means to understand the context of the paragraph or verses READ.                                              

Seeing they see not, hearing they hear not, neither they understand nor do they come to the right path.“   (All the Prophets had said this)                                                                                              

CONTEXT: People are neither blind nor deaf; but, whatever they read or hear, do not reach their mind, hence they could not come to the right path thereby they are deaf and blind.

Here, ‘SEEING‘ means understanding the Teachings.

Similarly:  If you see me, you see my Father (God). (Bible)

Context:  See me: Is it seeing Christ Jesus now?

                No, then what does it mean?  See me: If you understand my (Christ Jesus‘) teachings it will help you to understand God.

Teachings of Christ Jesus refer John:- 17 : 03.


                      „I and my God are one.“

Context: In purpose, the Sender (God) and the messenger (Christ Jesus) are one.

Style: Every language has its style; the above verses were conveyed by the Jews to Greece in Hebrew. In Hebrew alone the word Father used to refer God also, so while translating, it should be translated in the way or style used/permitted in OTHER language. In English father means our mother’s husband.



Man lives in society. Our lives are bound with the lives of others willingly or unwillingly, directly or indirectly. We eat the food grown in the same soil, drink water, from the same spring and breathe the same air. Even while staunchly holding our own views, it would be helpful, if we try to adjust ourselves to our surroundings, if we also know to some extent, how the mind our neighbor moves and what the main springs of his actions are. From this angle of vision it is highly desirable that one should try to know all religions of the world, in the proper sprit, to promote mutual understanding and better appreciation of our neighborhood, immediate and remote.

In the Name of God,   Most Gracious,  Most Merciful.


In the name

Of thy Lord and Cherisher,

Who created-

Created man, out of      

A (mere) clot

Of congealed blood:                    ( Holy Qura’n)


NIRKKA  ATHARKKU  THAHA.                                         Thiru-kural

Meaning :-

Meaning :-

(Karka)       Read,

(kasadara)  without mistake,

(karpavai)  the articles read,

(kattra-pin) having rightly understood,

(nirka atharku thaha) follow as you have read.

                                                  G I T A N J A L I  

This is my prayer to Thee, my Lord—strike, strike at the root of penury in my heart.

Give me the strength lightly to bear my joys and sorrows.

Give me the strength to make my love fruitful in service.

Give me the strength never to disown the poor or bend my knees before insolent might.

Give me the strength to raise my mind high above daily trifles.

And give me the strength to surrender my strength to Thy Will with love. 

How this poet got Nobel Prize for the above poem/poetry???????

It is because he is praying to God alone and not to any imaginary deities or idols of gods, goddess or godly man.

Written by Rabindranath Tagore.

                           P   H   I   L   O   S   O   P   H   Y  

                                       HUMAN BEING                    

It is the highly sophisticated and complicated living machine on earth. This can be further divided into three, out of which one is visible, physical body and other two (Soul and Living Mechanism) are invisible but understood, like air, electricity and etc., I will brief the same with an example. Imagine a man riding a horse. If some one shot the horse, the remaining is the dead body of the horse and the Rider. What is missing? The functioning (Living Mechanism) of the horse is stopped. The horse has lost its Energizer. Now you will realize that there were three distinct matters. One is the Rider, secondly the body of the horse and thirdly the Energizer of the horse. Carry this to analyze a man.  Man is in possession of a cellular body, Energizer and Soul (Mr./Mrs.Rider) When Energizer (capacity of producing energy) is removed by killing or by natural death, the cellular body becomes dead body and the Soul escapes. His brain is different from the rest of the living organism. To every organism other than human being the Creator has preprogrammed their (sixth sense) life style. But every human being (omnivorous) can choose his/her life panel by using their reasoning capacity (distinguish) which God has not given to other living things. You can choose, you have the ability to differentiate what is right and wrong. In possession of a natural weapon called INTELLIGENT, comprised in the brain.

Analyze :-  Assume,

If intelligent is ONE

If education is NINE

If criminology is EIGHT

If aloofness is ZERO

Then see the mathematic of the Nature.

1 x 9 = 9

1 x 8 = 8

1 x 0 = 0

Here intelligent is constant while the output (the result) is same of the input. 

We knew all the major living things have five senses, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and sensitive of skin. But other than human being they posses the sixth sense that which is programmed in their gene, for example if you notice a new born calf, it will get up in few minutes and will start to get its feed from the mother which you and me did not do by birth, we are helpless we are to be fed otherwise we die!.

Where do we differ? 

We have the capacity to choose and improve our knowledge.

Man alone can choose a way of life by his own choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!         

There are two ways only,

  1. One leads to Heaven (Endless Bliss) and
  2. The second leads to hell (Endless Torment) ??????????????

Choice is yours. Animals have no choice, they obey the nature and they don’t suicide.


                                   Who is God? And What is He ?

The word ‘God‘ does not suit to refer the Creator, because this word ‘God‘ in English undergoes changes in numbers, genders and so on, such as gods, goddess, god-father, god-mother, godly-man, there is no other go in English language hence we have to use the same word, ‘God‘ to refer The Creator and Sustainer of the Worlds.

God, here is an acid test to know about God, if any one or anything passes this test then that man or that thing is God.

In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

1. Say, He is God,                           

    The One and Only;


2. God, the Eternal, Absolute;

  1. 3. He begetteth not,                       

    Nor He is begotten,

4. And there is none                 

    Like unto Him.

Note: – ‘It is not befitting to the Majesty of God to beget a son or a daughter‘.                   (Begetting is a mammal’s act.)

God is He, Whose Attributes are, (there are 99 attributes mentioned in Qura’n)

Many Non-Muslim have misunderstood that Allah is ‘the God of Muslims‘ as they do have many gods. It is wrong; Allah is an Arabic word meaning God. In Arabic, for God there few other words are there:

Arabic and Hebrew are sister language rooted from Aramic.

  1. Elahi  in Hebrew Elohi,
  2. Ahadh in Hebrew Ehadh.
  3. Yahuwa in Hebrew Yehowa .

God :- The Incomparable One. The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful,

The Cherisher, The Sustainer, The Creator, The Omnipotent, The Irresistible, The Guardian of Faith, The Protector, The Helper, The Lord of Bounties, The Most Bountiful, The Most Kind, The Most Beneficent, The Most Forgiving, The Most High, God is verily Great, The Most Forbearing, The Self -Sufficient, The Wisest of Judges, The Best of planners, The Exalted in Power and Wise, Worthy of all Praises, Living, 

Disposer of affairs, The Wise. The Supreme;

The Sovereign, The Holy One. The Source of Peace and Perfection.

The Preserver of Safety, The Exalted in Might,

  1.                        ( Holy Qura’n }.

Praise be to God.

In Arabic:      AL-HUMTHU LILLAH

In Hebrew:    ALLA – LUYA

                   In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

It is God,                                                         

Who is my Lord                                              

And your Lord;                                               

Then worship Him,

This is the Way

That is straight.

And put thy trust

In God, and enough is God

As a Disposer of affairs.

„Your God is One God

There is no god, but He,

Most Gracious, Most Merciful.“

This is the true account:                                            

There is no god                                                            

Except God;                                                              

And God – He is indeed                                                

The Exalted in power                                                    


God is He, than Whom

There is no other god; –

Who knows (all things)

Both secret and open;

He, Most Gracious,

Most Merciful.

God is He, than Whom                                              

There is no other god;                                                   

The Sovereign, the Holy One                                       

The Source of Peace (and Perfection).                        

The Guardian of Faith,                                               

The Preserver of Safety,                                           

The Exalted in Might,                                                

The Irresistible, the Supreme;                                     

Glory to God!                                                            

(High is He)                                                               

Above the partners                                                 

He is God, the Creator,

The Evolver,

The Bestower of Forms

(Or colors)

To Him belong

The most Beautiful Names;

Whatever is in

The heavens and on earth,

Doth declare

His Praises and Glory

And He is the Exalted

  1. Al-Qura’n


                                      RIGHT CONCEPT OF GOD..

Thiru Kural .   Holy Words.

Thiru, here it means Holy. Why ? IF you remove the first part, the ‘ARATHUPAL ‚.    The first and fore most ten kural, Praising God, the book will lose the Title ‘THIRU ‚.

Let us take a kural and see whether we have rightly understood the kural and following it accordingly or going out of the context.

Is your conscience ready?



Thaal Say-n-tharkkallal ( without fell on face/ Sajitha ) ——- Negative

Maatral Arithu  ( impossible to change )—————-              Negative

Thaal Say-n-thaal ( fell on face/Sajitha )                          —–  Positive

Maatral Ezhithu ( Easily changeable )                 ————— Positive

Manakavalai  :    Sorrow in heart. (to remove sorrow from heart; what we have to do)?

We have to worship and offer up prayers and supplication.

How to worship and pray, what is the method of worship ?

Thaal Sayrthal  :   Fell on your face, forehead to the ground, because only head bears all the senses, mighty and haughty crown.

Whom should one worship, offer up prayer and supplication ?

Thanaku-uvamai-illaathaan :  Incomparable One (God).

Author ( Thiru Valluvar ) quotes what he had learnt from his ancestor ( Maha Manu (Prophet) Sathya Varadhan.)

„yo seu Sathyavaratho naama Raajarshir, Dhiravidas-vara ingnanamnm yo faftheetha Kalpaanthey laypay purasha“

Sathyavaratheynj jaliha thaam shahathou, Yonabaratha ujja sharjjanathaa thou’a Shabayreem Dhiravides-vara“

Sathya Varadhan, a Prophet to Dravidians, mentioned in Maha Bharadham in 8th &  9th  scantha ). He quotes the Name of God as Incomparable, the One Who cannot be compared. This is the actual Quality attributed to the Divine Lord God.                         

  1. Birds of the same feather flock together.

People of different religions, sects, caste and creed: lesser than animals make many groups but while begging for blood from the blood bank these culprits keep quite. When all of us can come together? Only if we believe in One God and associate no partners with Him.

If  Thiru-valluvar is genius then an atheist is a fool, if atheist is genius then Thiru-valluvar is a fool, Both cannot be genius, because both are of opposite poles as far as the subject ‘God‘ is concerned.

These ten Thiru-kural of Arathupal (Ten Commandments) is showing the fundamentals of Theo-logy.

                           RIGHT CONCEPT OF GOD.


NON-SEMETIC:-  „Aryans‘ Scriptures.“ Ancient Literatures of India

Vedas,  Puranas,   Ithihas and most of the Ancient Literatures.

Brahma sutra :

„Aekham Brahm thauvithya naasthey, nahthey nahnay nastheykinjan“

Bahavan Eki hayGod is One and Only

thusraa nahi hay — there is no dummy god

nahi hay ————- no

nahi hay ————- no

zarabi nahi hay —– Not at all.

Vedas, Bhavishya Purana, Idihas, Upanishad and Bag-vat Geetha.

Bag-vat Geetha :- 07 : 20,  „Materialistic people worship dummy (idols) gods.“

Chandogya Upanishad :-  6 : 2 : 1   God is One and Only.“

Rig Veda : 6:45:16 , “ yaa-ik ith musthie“. One God, worthy to worship

Shwetara Upanishad :-

6 : 09,      „God is One and Only.“

4 : 19,      „Of Him no  parents and no lords.“

  1. „There is nothing like unto Him and   

                 His Form cannot be seen.“

Yajur Veda :-  32 : 3  „There is no image (no likeness) of Him.“

40 : 9 

„Those who worship the nature are in darkness

  and those who worship created things, are in utter darkness.“                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

(Bumi-puja, Surya Namaskhar and Pournamy Puja)

Atharva Veda :- 20 : 58 : 3   „God is verily Great.“ MAHA DEV

Rig Veda :-  1 : 164 : 46        „One God by many Names. (Attributes)“

2 : 001 : 03  „Creator / Brahma / Ar-Rahman,

                    Sustainer /Vishnu / Rubbil-Aalameen.“

                                                                                                                                            8 : 001 : 01  „Do not worship anything besides Him and Praise Him alone.“

5 : 081 : 01        „Verily Great is the Glory of Divine Creator“

3 : 034 : 01        „He is the Bountiest Giver.“

Bhavishya Puranam :-  Prathisarhabav  by Pandit Dev Prakash

1.Vishnu Created Adam and Hawwa out of soil. He (Maha Dev/ Parameshwar/ Vishnu/Brahma /God/Allah/Iraivan/Karthar/Aathi-Bahvan/Creator) made a beautiful garden at the east area of four ghos (13Km) for them to live in. Satan intruded in their peaceful life in the form of a snake, convinced them to eat the prohibited fruit. As Adam and Hawwa violated the order of Vishnu both were thrown out of the garden and made to wander on earth where they multiplied their offspring.

2.History of Noava/Noohu/Noovu : In Bhavishya Puranam :-

„Manu Noovu is a descendent of Adam, lived for 500 years and he had three sons namely Shim, Sham and Bhav. Manu Noovo was a devotee of Lord Vishnu [Cherisher and Sustainer the One and Only God). While he was asleep Lord Vishnu said, in his dream, „Hear O Noovu, in seven days the whole earth will be flooded, hence you and your followers protect yourself in a wooden vessel . You the devotee of Indran safe guard your life. You are in the rank of high priest.“

On hearing the Advice of Lord Vishnu, Manu Noovu made a wooden vessel of 300 feet long, 50 feet breath and depth. He boarded his family, his followers and pairs of every animal. Vishnu praised him for his obedience. In 40 days rain, entire earth was covered by water and four seas joined into one. After the removal of the flood Manu Noovu lived with his family.

3. In Rig Veda about Prophet Noohu/ Noah/ Noovu (pbuh) :-

6:45:16 :-   „God is One, worthy of worship“

1:13:4   :-    „ya akni noovu“  „Noovu is the messanger of God.“




About prophet Muhammadh (pbuh) in Bhavishya puranam  :-

Part 3, slogam3, suthiram 5-8 & 25

Ethas min anth-ray maliycha

Acharyana samanvitha Muhammad

Ithikiyathay sisya saha saman vitha

Neruba seva maha Deva marusthala


Linga sethi sihaa keena

Sumach suruthari sathu sakha

Utchalaby sarva bakshi

Bavishyathi Janomam:

Musalman nise mascara.“

„In a foreign land of desert, there comes a prophet of God as equal to a learnt teacher whose name shall be „Muhammad“ having a chain of disciples. They will grow their beard and their hairs will not be tied into bunches. They will be circumcised. They will call people for prayer on human voice. They will feed on flesh of cattle. They will be called as Musalman.

Atharvana Veda :_ Allah  Nishath : 1 – 10,  (Alloba nishath)

Allah Juhastam paramam puranam Brahmandam allaam

Al-laysa rasoola Muhammad Khabarasya

Allo allaam Aathallaa pooga kekam

Allah pooganivaa thaham

Alla pangnana hoothahirunthavaa

Alla sooriya Chandra sarva natchathram

Alla rishinaama sarvathivviyaam Indrraaya poorvam maayaa parampathrisha

Alla piruththivvaya anthirisham visuvaroopam

Illaam kabaa illaam Illallathi Illallah!

Om Allah Illallaah anaathisvaroopaa

Aththarvanaa Seeyaamaa hoomhireem janaana bahana

Siththan jalasaaran athirstam kuru kuruput

Saparasata samaharareeni hoom heereem

Allah Rasoola Muhammad kabarasya

Allah, Allah illallathi Illallaa.



                            RIGHT CONCEPT OF GOD.


             Semitic Jewish scriptures (Old Testament) 

The first Commandment :-


Deuteronomy :- 06  :  04, 05  (Mathew :-  22  :  37) (Mark :-   12  :  29)

4 š?ma‘5 yi??r?‘?l y?hwâ ‚?l?hênû y?hwâ| ‚e???:5

?4 ????????5 ??????????? ??????? ??????????? ???????? ???????5

 sama ishrayelu yehuwa ilohina yehuwa ehad

„Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One and Only.“

„And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart ,

with all thy soul and with all thy might.“

Deut:-05  :  06, 07, 08 and 09                                                                                                

I am the Lord thy God, Who brought thee out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage. Thou shalt have none other gods besides Me. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, idols, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water beneath the earth. Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God, am A Jealous God.

Isaiah: – 43:  11,   I, even I, am the Lord; and besides Me there is no Savior.


45  :  05     I am the Lord, and there is none else, there is no god besides Me.

RIGHT CONCEPT OF GOD. Semitic Christian books ; (Bible /bib’lo )   

Did Christ ever said, „I am God, worship me“?

John 14 : 24, „Whoever does not love me does not keep my words. And words that you hear is not mine but God’s, Who sent me.“                                                                                     

„I am not come to destroy the Law and the Prophets but to fulfill.“


Mark 12:29,


 ????????5 ??????????? ??????? ??????????? ???????? ???????5


 š?ma‘5 yi??r?‘?l y?hwâ ‚?l?hênû y?hwâ| ‚e???:5

sama ishraeyelu yehuwa ilohina yehuwa ehad.

„Hear O Israel, the Lord your God, the Lord is One and Only.“

John :-17: 3,      

  1. „And this is Eternal life, that they may know You,


  1.    ‘the One and Only True God,
  1. And Christ Jesus sent by You‘.


                       CHRIST JESUS IS A MESSENGER OF GOD.


(14:24), (10:29), (Math:12:28), 5:17-20, 19:16-17, (Luke:11:20) (Acts2:22)

Mathew :-  4 : 10 ,   Jesus said :                                         


 „you shall worship,                              

 the Lord your God  and Him only     

serve ye.“                                            


Holy Qura’n :  11 : 36    Jesus said :

„Verily God is my Lord

 And your Lord: Him (only)

Therefore serve ye: this is

A Way that is straight.“   


Mathew :- 19 :16,17   „And  behold, one came and said unto Jesus,

Good Master, what good thing shall I do that I may have Eternal life?

And Jesus said unto him,

why callest thou me Good?

There is none Good but One, that is God:

but if thou wilt enter into Eternal life,

keep the commandments.“  

The first commandment: “ š?ma‘5 yi??r?‘?l y?hwâ ‚?l?hênû y?hwâ| ‚e???

sama ishraeyelu yehuwa elohina yehuwa ehad.

„Hear O Israel, the Lord your God, the Lord is One and Only.“


                                  Christ  Jesus :




Mathew:- 21 : 9, 10 and 11, This is Jesus the Prophet of Nazareth

„And the multitude that went before, and that followed (Christ), cried, saying,

1. Hosanna to the son of David (Christ Jesus): and

2. Blessed is he that cometh (after Christ)

    in the Name of God; (Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

    Hosanna in the highest.

And when he was come into Jerusalem, the entire city was moved, saying, who is this?

And the multitude said, „This is Jesus the Prophet of Nazareth„.

Christ  Jesus says,

„I can of my own self do nothing, as I hear I judge and my judgement is just.“

Context :  There is Only One True God and Christ Jesus (pbuh) is the mighty messenger (Prophet) of God sent to the Israelites alone.

  1. Ref : Mathew 15:24, 26. 10 : 5, 6,  

John 17:14,   (Mat 14:57 John 4:34)     

„I am not sent for the world but rather to the lost sheep of the Israelites.“

Mathew 1 : 21,

„And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus; for he shall save his people (Israelites) from their sins.“                      

This is the FAITH preached by Christ Jesus (pbuh ) to the Israelites.

                       What Christ prophesized about Christians?

Mathew :- 5 : 19,  Mat : 16: 27,   Luke : 21 : 27,     Mat:- 7 :21,22, 23.

 „This people (Christians actually Paulians) honoreth me with their lips but their heart is far from me. But in vain they (Christians) do worship me, teaching the commandments of men (Paul).

(Pauline Christology:- New Testament a man made doctrines).

Whoever calls me Lord, Lord will not enter the kingdom of God, only those who obey the Will of God (Ten Commandments) enters the kingdom of God.

„For the son (Jesus) of man is going to come with angels in the glory of his God. And then they will see the son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.“   

„On that day many (Christians) will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and did many mighty works (magic) in your name?. And then will I declare to them, I never knew you; (Non-Jewish) depart from me, you workers of lawlessness‘.“

Ref :- Mark :- 13 : 05,     2). Mat :- 15 : 8, 9

„Look out that no one deceives you for many (million of Christians) will come in my name (Christ-ian) saying, ‘I am He‘ (Christ is God), and will mislead many (Trillion).“

Old Testament:

Tanach (Hebrew): Song of Solomon (Shir Hashirim) Chapter 5

??????? ????????????? ????????? ???????????? ???? ??????? ?????? ?????? ???????? ?????????????? 16

5:16:- “ ?ikw? mam??aqqîm w??ullw? ma??madîm zeh ?w??î w?zeh r?‘î b?nw?? y?rûš?l?im:


16 ???? ????? ???? ???????. ??? ????? ???? ????? ?? ???? ???????

His mouth will be most sweet:

Yea, he is Muhammadhim.

This is My beloved, and this is My friend,

O daughters of Jerusalem.“

But the name Muhammadhim is being removed but translated as altogether lovely or most desirable, Sarvanga Sundaran etc, etc., no one has right to translate the names of persons, this is being done to isolate people in a new religion formed by Paul. Actual meaning of the name Muhammadh or Ahamadh is the praised one.

Deuteronomy 18 : 15 , „The LORD thy God will raise up unto thee a Prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren (among Jews), like unto me; unto him ye shall hearken;“

Deuteronomy 18 : 18   „I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren (Arabs), like unto thee, and will put My words (Qura’n) in his mouth; (hence his mouth is most sweet) and he shall speak unto them all (things) that I shall command him.“

Deuteronomy 18 : 19:-  „And it shall come to pass, that whosoever will not hearken unto My words (Qura’n) which he shall speak in My Name (In the Name of God, Most Gracious Most Merciful), I will require it of him„. (I will destroy him).

18 : 22:  „When a prophet speaketh in the Name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the Prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him (Muhammadh)“.


Very important verses repeated from Deuteronomy:- 18 : 18 n 19

Acts :-  3 : 22 n 23,  WARNING Deuteronomy:- 18 : 18 n 19

„For Moses truly said unto them, a Prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren (Arabs) like unto me, him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he shall say unto you. And it shall come to pass, that every soul, which will not hear that Prophet, (Muhammadhim), shall be destroyed from among the people.

During the Ministry of Christ Jesus and John the baptise (peace be upon them) Jews were expecting three distinct personalities, Prophets from God.

Refer the verses below:  written by junior John, disciple of Paul.


I Epistle of  John: 4 : 1,

„Beloved believe not every sprit (Prophet), but try the sprits (Prophets) whether they are of God: because many false Prophets  are gone out into the world.“ 

i.e. so false sprit is a false prophet, true sprit is a true Prophet:

What ever the true Prophet speaks, that come to pass“.

John 1 : 19 ,

This is the record of John the baptise {Yowaan Yohanna Johanna} when the Jews sent priest and Levites to ask him, who are you?

Verses 20  :  1. Are you Esau Masseya, (Christ Jesus)

  1.             21 :  2. Are you Elia’s, (John the baptise}                     

                    3. Are you that prophet (Muhammadhim).


Verses 25    Why baptize thou if you are not

  1. Esau Messiah, Christ Jesus
  2. Elia’s, (John the baptise}
  3. that prophet, (Muhammadhim).

Mark: 6 : 15,

„Others said, That it is Elia’s.

And others said, That it is that Prophet or

as one of the (three) Prophets.“

Mathew:- 21 : 9, 10 and 11. Christ Jesus is the Prophet of Nazareth.

„And the multitude that went before, and that followed (Christ), cried, saying,

1. Hosanna to the son of David (Christ Jesus): and

2. Blessed is he that cometh (after Christ)

    in the Name of God; (Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

    Hosanna in the highest.

And when he was come into Jerusalem, the entire city was moved, saying, who is this?

And the multitude said, „This is Jesus the Prophet of Nazareth„.


Prophesies: Prophecised by Christ Jesus (pbuh):-


John: 14 : 16,              (This is a Prophesy).

16 ???? ???? ?? ???? ??????? ????? ??? ????? ???? ??? ?????

„And I will pray to the Father, that He shall give you another comforter, (Muhammadhim) that he may abide with you for ever (till the Day of Judgement).“


John: 14 : 26, (Christ, the Comforter Prophecised another Comforter)

„When the sprit of truth is come, the helper (Muhammadhim), whom the God will send, he will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said.“


John: 14 : 30, (This is a Prophesy).

„Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the Prince (Muhammadhim) of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.“

John: 15 : 26,

„But when he (Muhammadhim) cometh from God, that sprit of truth who proceedeth from God, he shall testify of me: and you all shall bear witness“.


John: 16 : 7, 12 , Prophesy with a Condition: ‘If I go not away.‘

„Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter (Muhammadhim /Ahammadh ) will not come unto you,

when he come, he will reprove the world of (1) sin and of (2) righteousness  and of (3) Judgement. Because the Ruler (Muhammadhim) of this world is Judged,

I still have yet many things to say unto you but you cannot bear them now, howbeit when

He (Muhammadh) the sprit of truth, is come,


He will guide you into all truth, for


He shall not speak of


Himself ; but whatsoever


He shall hear, (Qura’n) that shall


He speak and


He will show you (many) things to come.


He shall glorify me. 

Prophesies, Prophecised by Christ Jesus that are fulfilled?.

  1. Another comforter.
  2. The helper.
  3. He shall testify of me ????????????
  4. He shall glorify me ??????????????
  5. The Prince of this world cometh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. The Ruler of this world is Judged !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. He will guide you into all truth
  8. He will show you (many) things to come
  9. He will reprove the world of (1) Sin and of (2) Righteousness  and of (3) Judgement.
  10.  He shall not speak of Himself ;Whatsoever He shall hear, that shall He speak.

For your information according to the bible the Holy Ghost was with Christ Jesus, with his disciples with Elizabeth with John the baptize and so on.

Ref:- The Acts: 2 : 4, And they were filled with the Holy Ghost,

         Luke: 1 : 41, „And it came to pass , that, when Elisabeth heard the Salutation of Mary, ‘Salon Alaikhum‘ the babe leaped in her womb; and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost:

The Prophesies that were Prophecised by Christ Jesus is fulfilled.

Christ Jesus is Testified and Glorified in The Holy Qura’n.

Behold! the angels said :

„O Mary! God hath chosen thee

And purified thee-chosen thee

Above the women of all nations.   (Highest Honor)   Al-Qura’n

Behold! the angels said :

„O Mary! God giveth thee

Glad tidings of a Word

From Him: his name

Will be Christ Jesus,                        [Christ Jesus is Testified]

The son of Mary, held in honor

In this world and the Hereafter

And of (the companion of) those

Nearest to God;

„He shall speak to the people

In childhood and in maturity,

And he shall be (of the company)

  1. Of the righteous.“                            (Christ Jesus is Glorified).

She said: „How shall I

Have a son, seeing that

No man has touched me,

And I am not unchaste?“

He said : „So (it will be) :                                                     

Thy Lord saith,                                                                        

‘That is Easy for me : and (We                                              

Wish) to appoint him (Jesus)                                                

As a Sign unto men                                                                   

And a Mercy from Us‚:                                                                                  

„Even so :

God createth

What He  willeth

When He had decreed

A Plan, He but saith

To it, ‘Be,‘ and it is!

About Good Christians in the Holy Qura’n  5 : 85, 86

Strongest among men in enmity                                   

To the Believers wilt thou                                           

Find the Jews and Pagans;                                           

And nearest among them in love                                

To the Believers wilt thou                                            

Find those who say,                                                                                   

„We are Christians“:                                   

Because amongst these are                                              

Men devoted to learning

And men who have renounced

The world and they

Are not arrogant.

And when they listen

To the revelation received

By the Apostle, Thou wilt

See their eyes overflowing

With tears, for they

Recognise the truth:

They pray: „Our Lord!

We believe; write us

Down among the witnesses.

Sura :-  III : 55

 Behold God said;

„O Jesus! I will take thee

And raise thee to Myself

And clear thee (of the falsehoods)

Of those who blaspheme;

I will make those

Who follow thee superior

To those who reject faith,

To the Day of Resurrection;

Then shall ye all

Return unto Me,

And I will judge

Between you of the matters

Wherein ye dispute.“

S IV : 157  That they (Jews) said (in boost),

„We killed Christ Jesus

The son of Mary,

The apostle of God“ :-

But they killed him not,

Nor they crucified him.

But so it was made

To appear to them,

And those who differ

Therein are full of doubts,

With no (certain) knowledge,

But only conjecture to follow,

For of a surety    

They killed him not:-

S IV : 158  Nay, God raised him (Christ Jesus) up

Unto Himself; and God

Is Exalted in Power, Wise:-

(Prophecies of Christ Jesus (pbuh) is fulfilled).

Commentators note : The meaning is not they merely call themselves Christians, but that they are such sincere Christians that they appreciate Muslim Virtues, as did the Abyssinians to whom Muslim refugees went during persecution in Makka. They would say: „It is true we are Christians, but we understand your point of view and we know you are good men.“

They (Christians) are Muslims at heart, whatever their label (sect) may be.                                               Abdullah Yusuf Ali.

Every sincere and devoted Muslim is a follower of the beloved Prophet Christ Jesus (peace be upon him).

                           RIGHT CONCEPT OF GOD.

                                  Semitic Islam.


In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

  1. 1. Say, He is God,                          

    The One and Only;

2. God, the Eternal, Absolute;

  1. 3. He begetteth not,                   

    Nor He is begotten,

4. And there is none                     

  1. ( Al-Qura’n)

Note :- (Begetting is the quality of mammals).

„It is not befitting to the Majesty of God to beget a son or daughter.“


In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Praise be to God,

The Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds;

Most Gracious, Most Merciful;

Master of the Day of Judgment.

Thee do we worship,

And Thine aid we seek.

Show us the straight path,

The path of those on whom

Thou hast bestowed Thy Grace,

Those whose (portion)

Is not wrath,            

  1. ( Holy Qura’n)


‘And the scripture  was fulfilled that says,

„Abraham believed God, and

it was counted to him as righteousness“- and

he was called ‘a friend of God‘.

AL-QURA’N  THE WOMEN :-   4 : 125,

„Who can be better

In religion than one

Who submits his whole self

To God, does good,

And follows the way

Of Abraham the true in faith ?

For God did take

Abraham for a friend.“


Revelation :- 9 : 4-6,

4. They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any green plant or any tree, but only those people who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads.

5. They were allowed to torment them.

6. And in those days „people will seek death and will not find it. They will long to die, but death will flee from them.

                      SIKHISM :- RIGHT CONCEPT OF GOD.

                     Mool mantar: „Verily God is One and Only“

? ??? ???? ???? ????? ????? ??????? ???? ????? ????? ???? ??? ??????? ?

Ik oankar satinamu karta purakhu nirbhau nirvairu akal murati ajuni saibhan gurprasadi
translates to
One Supreme Being, Truth is His name; the Creator Primal Being; Without fear and Without Enmity,
the Timeless Verity, Un-incarnated and Self-Existent, known through His grace.

(GG. Pg 1)






Mohammed The Prophet

By Prof. K. S. Ramakrishna Rao, Head of the Department of Philosophy,
Government College for Women University of Mysore, Mandya-571401 (Karnatika).

Re-printed from „Islam and Modern age“, Hydrabad, March 1978.

In the desert of Arabia was Mohammad born, according to Muslim historians, on April 20, 571. The name means highly praised. He is to me the greatest mind among all the sons of Arabia. He means so much more than all the poets and kings that preceded him in that impenetrable desert of red sand.

When he appeared, Arabia was a desert — a nothing. Out of nothing a new world was fashioned by the mighty spirit of Mohammad — a new life, a new culture, a new civilization, a new kingdom which extended from Morocco to Indies and influenced the thought and life of three continents — Asia, Africa and Europe.

When I thought of writing on Mohammad the prophet, I was a bit hesitant because it was to write about a religion I do not profess and it is a delicate matter to do so for there are many persons professing various religions and belonging to diverse school of thought and denominations even in same religion. Though it is sometimes, claimed that religion is entirely personal yet it can not be gain-said that it has a tendency to envelop the whole universe seen as well unseen. It somehow permeates something or other our hearts, our souls, our minds their conscious as well as subconscious and unconscious levels too. The problem assumes overwhelming importance when there is a deep conviction that our past, present and future all hang by the soft delicate, tender silked cord. If we further happen to be highly sensitive, the center of gravity is very likely to be always in a state of extreme tension. Looked at from this point of view, the less said about other religion the better. Let our religions be deeply hidden and embedded in the resistance of our innermost hearts fortified by unbroken seals on our lips.

But there is another aspect of this problem. Man lives in society. Our lives are bound with the lives of others willingly or unwillingly, directly or indirectly. We eat the food grown in the same soil, drink water, from the same spring and breathe the same air. Even while staunchly holding our own views, it would be helpful, if we try to adjust ourselves to our surroundings, if we also know to some extent, how the mind our neighbor moves and what the main springs of his actions are. From this angle of vision it is highly desirable that one should try to know all religions of the world, in the proper sprit, to promote mutual understanding and better appreciation of our neighborhood, immediate and remote.

Further, our thoughts are not scattered as appear to be on the surface. They have got themselves crystallized around a few nuclei in the form of great world religions and living faiths that guide and motivate the lives of millions that inhabit this earth of ours. It is our duty, in one sense if we have the ideal of ever becoming a citizen of the world before us, to make a little attempt to know the great religions and system of philosophy that have ruled mankind.

In spite of these preliminary remarks, the ground in these field of religion, where there is often a conflict between intellect and emotion is so slippery that one is constantly reminded of fools that rush in where angels fear to tread. It is also not so complex from another point of view. The subject of my writing is about the tenets of a religion which is historic and its prophet who is also a historic personality. Even a hostile critic like Sir William Muir speaking about the holy Quran says that. „There is probably in the world no other book which has remained twelve centuries with so pure text.“ I may also add Prophet Mohammad is also a historic personality, every event of whose life has been most carefully recorded and even the minutest details preserved intact for the posterity. His life and works are not wrapped in mystery.

My work today is further lightened because those days are fast disappearing when Islam was highly misrepresented by some of its critics for reasons political and otherwise. Prof. Bevan writes in Cambridge Medieval History, „Those account of Mohammad and Islam which were published in Europe before the beginning of 19th century are now to be regarded as literary curiosities.“ My problem is to write this monograph is easier because we are now generally not fed on this kind of history and much time need be spent on pointing out our misrepresentation of Islam.

The theory of Islam and Sword for instance is not heard now frequently in any quarter worth the name. The principle of Islam that there is no compulsion in religion is well known. Gibbon, a historian of world repute says, „A pernicious tenet has been imputed to Muslims, the duty of extirpating all the religions by sword.“ This charge based on ignorance and bigotry, says the eminent historian, is refuted by Quran, by history of Musalman conquerors and by their public and legal toleration of Christian worship. The great success of Mohammad’s life had been effected by sheer moral force, without a stroke of sword.

But in pure self-defense, after repeated efforts of conciliation had utterly failed, circumstances dragged him into the battlefield. But the prophet of Islam changed the whole strategy of the battlefield. The total number of casualties in all the wars that took place during his lifetime when the whole Arabian Peninsula came under his banner, does not exceed a few hundreds in all. But even on the battlefield he taught the Arab barbarians to pray, to pray not individually, but in congregation to God the Almighty. During the dust and storm of warfare whenever the time for prayer came, and it comes five times   every day, the congregation prayer had not to be postponed even on the battlefield. A party had to be engaged in bowing their heads before God while other was engaged with the enemy. After finishing the prayers, the two parties had to exchange their positions. To the Arabs, who would fight for forty years on the slight provocation that a camel belonging to the guest of one tribe had strayed into the grazing land belonging to other tribe and both sides had fought till they lost 70,000 lives in all; threatening the extinction of both the tribes to such furious Arabs, the Prophet of Islam taught self-control and discipline to the extent of praying even on the battlefield. In an aged of barbarism, the Battlefield itself was humanized and strict instructions were issued not to cheat, not to break trust, not to mutilate, not to kill a child or woman or an old man, not to hew down date palm nor burn it, not to cut a fruit tree, not to molest any person engaged in worship. His own treatment with his bitterest enemies is the noblest example for his followers. At the conquest of Mackha, he stood at the zenith of his power. The city which had refused to listen to his mission, which had tortured him and his followers, which had driven him and his people into exile and which had unrelentingly persecuted and boycotted him even when he had taken refuge in a place more than 200 miles away, that city now lay at his feet. By the laws of war he could have justly avenged all the cruelties inflicted on him and his people. But what treatment did he accord to them? Mohammad’s heart flowed with affection and he declared, „This day, there is no REPROOF against you and you are all free.“ „This day“ he proclaimed, „I trample under my feet all distinctions between man and man, all hatred between man and man.“

This was one of the chief objects why he permitted war in self defense, that is to unite human beings. And when once this object was achieved, even his worst enemies were pardoned. Even those who killed his beloved uncle, Humzah, mangled his body, ripped it open, even chewed a piece of his liver.

The principles of universal brotherhood and doctrine of the equality of mankind which he proclaimed represents one very great contribution of Mohammad to the social uplift of humanity. All great religions have preached the same doctrine but the prophet of Islam had put this theory into actual practice and its value will be fully recognized, perhaps centuries hence, when international consciousness being awakened, racial prejudices may disappear and greater brotherhood of humanity come into existence.

Miss. Sarojini Naidu speaking about this aspect of Islam says, „It was the first religion that preached and practiced democracy; for in the mosque, when the minaret is sounded and the worshipers are gathered together, the democracy of Islam is embodied five times a day when the

peasant and the king kneel side by side and proclaim, God alone is great.“ The great poetess of India continues, „I have been struck over and over again by this indivisible unity of Islam that makes a man instinctively a brother. When you meet an Egyptian, an Algerian and Indian and a Turk in London, it matters not that Egypt is the motherland of one and India is t