How to use Argan oil for hair ?

How to use Argan oil for hair ?

One of the best moisturizing oil for hair

Argan oil is known as the rarest oil in the world. It comes from the fruit of the argan tree (Argania spinosa) which grows only in Morocco in the Souss region, between Essaouira and Agadir. It is a wild tree, the branches strewn with thorns, perfectly suited to semi-arid areas. Mythical and irreplaceable, it slows the advance of the desert.

For millennia, the Berber women use this oil for its cosmetic and nutritional benefits.  The weather can be extremely tough (strong winds, sun), skin and hair become dry.  The Argan Oil is applied to soften and protect skin and nourish the hair.
One of the best moisturizing oil for hair.

Spread Argan oil throughout the hair from root to tip. Gently massage the scalp and brush your hair gently to evenly distribute Argan Oil throughout the hair. Wrap hair in a hot towel and let rest about 20 minutes. If you lack the time, you can reduce the rest time by heating your hair with your regular shampoo. Rinse thoroughy with water. You can add lemon juice to the final rinse water. Finally, drop a few drops of Argan oil on your fingers, knead the points if you like.

Moroccan Argan oil will fortify your hair giving it brightness, softness and a silky effect. It will also nourish and revitalise the scalp.

For dry hair, place a small amount of argan oil on your hair brush, it will give them the luster and brillance.

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