Interesting Facts on Spinosaurus

Interesting Facts on Spinosaurus

Spinosaurus is one of the special species of dinosaur.  The ferocious Spinosaurus was wide known after Jurassic Park 3 and it was the star of the film. Spinosaurus represents spiny lizard.

Scientists state that, the Spinosaurus is about 40 to 56 feet or 12 to 17 meters from head to tail. Body of Spinosaurus is very similar to that of T-Rex, but there are some obvious differences. Arms of Spinosaurus are heavier and longer than the arms of T-Rex but T-Rex did not make navigation using large fin spines.  Many scientists believe that, arms of Spinosaurus were used for walking, while others say that they used it as weapons to hold their food. The head of Spinosaurus was longer, narrower, and not as heavily built as the T-Rex

Spinosaurus had large spines extending from the vertebrae along its back. Most researchers accept that the spines were enclosed with a membrane of skin that filled the spaces between the spines. The wing of Spinosaurus was similar to a duck and a veil that could help to control body heat. Some researchers believe that the veil could have been extended or collapsed at least to some extent. Perhaps then the veil could be used to draw the attention of some other dinosaur. Its teeth typically carnivorous consisted of many small straight teeth. The crocodilian head and those tiny teeth resemble those of Baryonyx, so researchers suggest that, the Spinosaurus, too, ate fish fresh water, impaled on his thin and sharp teeth. But a veil is only useful thermoregulation in hot and dry regions, where, precisely, the fish should be rare. Anyway, an animal so huge would probably not survive on a carnivorous diet exclusively.

The Spinosaurus had to adjust his diet according to season. Unfortunately, the finest specimen of Spinosaurus owned was destroyed during the Second World War when a German bombing on the museum that kept. The arms of Spinosaurus were longer than normal large- sized theropods. There are two known species of the genus Spinosaurus such as Spinosaurus aegyptiacus and Spinosaurus maroccanus. The name suggests that, they were found in Egypt and Morocco. Spinosaurus was detected in 1912 by a German paleontologist Ernst Stromer found the first and most complete specimen in Egypt. Finally, Spinosaurus has fascinated people for past few centuries through movies, video games and toys.

Source by Subburam Nattamai