International Careers in Oil and Gas

International Careers in Oil and Gas

Think Oil ! is the brand name for the oil, gas and engineering interests of the Chronos Group of companies. The name arose from members from over 40 oil and gas companies coming together to discuss industry needs in a forum organized by the Chronos Group.

Think Oil and Chronos Consulting have given advice, recruitment services and payrolling in Russia, Argentina, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Spain, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Uganda, Angola, Australia, Philippines, China and the USA and via the Chronos Group has over 6000 contractors out in 70 locations. We have recruited from the Barents Sea to the Iraq oil fields to Patagonia and welcome challenges !

We all know petroleum is vital to many industries, and is of importance to the maintenance of industrialized civilization itself, and thus is a critical concern for many nations. Oil accounts for a large percentage of the world’s energy consumption, ranging from a low of 32% for Europe and Asia, up to a high of 53% for the Middle East.

Other geographic regions‘ consumption patterns are as follows: South and Central America  (44%), Africa (41%), and North America (40%). The world consumes well over 30 billion barrels (4.8 km³) of oil per year, with developed nations being the largest consumers. The United States consumes 25% of the oil produced. The production, distribution, refining, and retailing of petroleum taken as a whole represents the world’s largest industry in terms of dollar value.

At Chronos we believe in finding alternative energy sources and we have wind, solar, nuclear and geothermal recruitment experience nevertheless the statistics about oil speak for themselves and we need to think how to use oil in the most efficient way . We have to Think Oil ! We have a team of oil and gas specialists without peer in the industry whose role is to facilitate the sale and purchase of Oil & Gas Assets, conduct RPO and BPO, staffing, recruitment, payrolling and software implementation and design.

In general the petroleum industry includes the global processes of exploration, extracting and refining, transporting (often by oil tankers and pipelines), and marketing petroleum products. The largest volume products of the industry are fuel oil and gasoline (petrol). Petroleum is also the raw material for many chemical products, including pharmaceuticals, solvents, fertilizers, pesticides, and plastics. The industry is usually divided into three major components: upstream, midstream and downstream. Midstream operations are usually included in the downstream category.  At Chronos we have extensive experience in all categories, especially when our Oil ,, Argentina Oil, Libya Oil, Rusgas and Brazil Oil operations are concerned.

The Chronos Group undertake every step of the process of commercialization. Our team delivers integrated technical, financial, recruitment and software solutions to those seeking to maximize the value of their Oil and Gas Assets. Our suite of services brings together the skills, knowledge, experience and connections to provide added-value, plus the facilitation capability to bridge the gap between technical output and commercial reality. Our  management team comprises a mix of the highest level professionals with proven track-records in their respective industry specialisations and the Chronos Group’s  aim is to deliver a complete spectrum of focused services seamlessly and effectively whether your project is large or small, in the Arctic Ocean, Saudi desert or Niger Delta.

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