Joe’s Jeans: Sexy Fits For All Females

Joe’s Jeans: Sexy Fits For All Females

A history of Joe’s Jeans must begin with the man behind the line, Joe Dahan. The line of clothing naturally unfolds as we try to understand as much as we can about the out-of-the-limelight designer. But how much information can we divulge about the man who prefers to remain behind the Jean’s and let each pair of denim speak for itself?

Growing up in Morocco and Southern California has given the designer his eye for natural beauty as well as beauty of women, which is undoubtedly reflected in the Joe’s Womens Jeans line.

Prior to the Joe’s Jean’s line there was Joe The Hun in 1998 and later his Tops line. Both companies saw success but Dahan decided to do three years with the denim giant Azteca Productions, assisting in their Development Division. Here he learned the denim world inside and out while making innovative preparations for big name companies.

It was not until 2001 that he finally released his own denim line and the real success he was always poised for came about. His laid-back California attitude is surprisingly hard to find in his innovative designs. What does come out in his personality however, is his refusal to stick with any norm. The Joes womens jeans never seemed compromised and that is one trait that seems to resonate in all designers. A refusal to compromise their designs is a trust in their ideas.

This company went from a standard fit in its first year to nine designs to match the personality and body of every woman who wears them. And yet these are still considered the basics! These range from the socialite to the twiggy. The socialite is a classic fit that can work equally well in a party atmosphere or upscale dinner while the twiggy, a supermodel fit, is humorously named simply for those long-limbed slim fitting types. There’s even the honey, a booty fit, for all those voluptuous and curvy women that fill out the true female physique.

The company has since spread its denim reaches with additions like the new Premium Line which is its own couture denim. The premium line features distressed denim, hand stitching and embroidery for their A-List fans.

Whatever catches your eye from this company is sure to be sexy, sophisticated and unabashed. The man behind the line likes to stay low-key and that may be because he channels all his creative and eccentric energy into the pants he loves, leaving little for himself.

Source by Paul Wise