Luxury Romantic Hotels, The Caribbean Vs. The Mediterranean

Luxury Romantic Hotels, The Caribbean Vs. The Mediterranean

The Caribbean has always been associated with luxury hotels and romantic resorts due to the secluded island nature of the destination, but now it seems that countries that border the Mediterranean are catching up with their own smattering of boutique hotels and spa resorts. However, in a head to head battle of romance which region has what it takes?

When it comes to romance, the Mediterranean region has Venice with its windy canals and gondola rides for two. Atmospheric Italian restaurants line the pavements and serve pizza and pasta via candlelight whilst couples gaze into each others eyes and clasp hands over the tables. A romantic city needs a romantic hotel and the luxury of San Clemente Palace is a prime example. The five star luxury hotel has sumptuous queen sized beds and rooms which look out onto the spectacular Grande Canal. This boutique hotel is popular with honeymooners and if you and your loved one want to enjoy a romantic meal together then there are three incredible restaurants to choose from. Couples can also enjoy romantic pampering treatments side by side in the local spa, whilst a 24-hour speed boat service is on hand to transport guests from this luxury hotel to the historical St. Mark’s Square.

Whilst Venice has continental romance down to a T, St. Lucia is an ever popular resort in the Caribbean for both weddings and honeymoons. The wedding ceremonies taking place on deserted beaches are every bit as romantic as the renaissance themed romance of Italy, especially for those couples with more of an interest in nature and scenic beauty than traditional history and culture. St. Lucia has plenty of luxury hotels and resorts that could compete with the grandeur of the San Clemente Palace and the ultra-exclusive resort of Anse Chastanet is a prime example. The boutique hotel has even been dubbed the most romantic in the Caribbean and is popular with both honeymooners and couples soon to marry on the secluded volcanic beaches. The rooms are all built in a tree-house style and nestled high into the Mountain side, with a few located at beach level. The luxury hotel has two restaurants which are perfect for wining and dining with your loved one, a tropical Caribbean themed treetop restaurant or an Indian style restaurant on the waters edge. Just like the romantic San Clemente Palace there is a spa offering a range of treatments for couples to experience together and an art-gallery located inside the resort provides couples with the perfect form of cultural entertainment. The resort may not have the winding waterways of Venice but the Caribbean Sea offering a wide range of watersports from scuba diving to jet skiing more than makes up for this.

But don’t let the romance of an entire region be judged on one luxury hotel in one country. Other destinations on the Mediterranean Sea also offer romance including l’amour of southern France with its sandy beaches and French cuisine, and on the other side of the coast is Morocco which is just as romantic with its bustling bazaars and blooming orange groves. It has to be argued that the most romantic luxury hotel in Morocco is the sumptuous La Sultana, with its rich red colours and imperial décor. The boutique hotel is really exclusive with room for just 21 couples, which is probably why it is so popular with honeymooners. Of course, the Caribbean has quite a few luxury hotels located on the numerous scattered islands.

So which region is more romantic, the Caribbean or the Mediterranean? Well both offer contrasting ideas of romance, the Mediterranean has its cosmopolitan cities which are perfect for wining and dining. Whilst the secluded nature of the Caribbean makes it ideal for couples that want to spend some quality time together.

Source by Darshi Chohan