Magical Moroccan Lanterns

Magical Moroccan Lanterns

Moroccan lanterns add a touch of mystique to any décor and offer lighting in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles that will suit anyone’s needs. With lanterns that can hang from the ceiling as a chandelier or ones that are wall sconces or those that sit on tables – the selection is vast and the patterns, colors and shapes are innumerable.

Often made of colored glass these lanterns can be in one subdued gold color or a vibrant red one while still others have panes of various colors making it like a Picasso painting. Using wrought iron or brass or other metals as frameworks, these gorgeous lighting accessories make dramatic accents in any room displaying the colors or patterns on the ceiling or wall near where they are placed.

A Moroccan lantern chandelier makes an ideal ornament for an entryway or foyer of a home particularly when there are few furnishings so that their splendor can be easily seen. Elaborately handmade with filigree or dangling colored charms these chandelier lanterns can be elegant or they can be festive depending on how you want your room to look. Chandeliers are of course ideal for a dining room to make a splendid statement over a dining table and add to the decor of any room – with soft rosy light or a warm glow of white or yellow – anything that fits your mood.

Moroccan lanterns are perfect for the patio when you choose a brass lantern with glass or without. Some of them can use candles instead of bulbs making them all the more mysterious and setting the mood for a wonderful evening under the stars. Many are decoratively painted in a variety of shapes and can even be hung from trees or a patio cover for a festive look. Other outdoor lanterns can sit on the ground and can be as high as five or six feet adding a very exotic look to your patio or garden.

Smaller lanterns are perfect to hang on a wall in a hallway to light the way without being obtrusive. They offer a mellow glow that will show a person the way to their room without a glaring overhead light that detracts from furnishings. The workmanship that goes into making one of these Moroccan lanterns is amazing to see with such detailing that symmetric as most of the designs are geometric and have been handed down from one generation of craftsmen to another.

Adding a touch of magic to your home with these beautifully designed lanterns is like adding works of art as each piece reflects the artistry of the workman who created it so each one is uniquely different although generally the same if you buy two or more of the same pattern. The uniqueness is what makes Moroccan lanterns an accent that adds more than lighting to your home. It adds a mysterious touch of old world charm that will be admired by your family and friends when they see how you have chosen to light your home.

Source by Adeal Benhayoun