Mediterranean Decor and Mediterranean Furniture

Mediterranean Decor and Mediterranean Furniture

This is your sanctuary. Vibrant blue walls, high ceilings, rounded archways, built-in shelves. Sun filters in through the tall windows during the day; the room comes to life with glowing reds, oranges and yellows from the Moroccan lamps by night. A comfortable white sofa with a sunset-colored throw sits atop a stunning, finely decorated, Turkish-inspired rug. Small, stocky palm trees sit in large hand-painted clay pots and a Cleopatra end table dazzles beholders.

You may have seen Moroccan and Mediterranean furniture on Home and Garden Television before. It’s no surprise that many luxurious Spanish-roof-tiled California homes are incorporating what is sometimes referred to as „Spanish Modern“ décor inside their home spaces as well. With this unique style, you can bring the sense of wonderment you experience at museums into your everyday life.

So what is „Mediterranean style“ exactly?

Mediterranean style encapsulates everything from behemoth Greek columns to humble, rounded Spanish adobes. So when designing a Mediterranean room, you can start with large, lavish furniture and redesign big – with rounded archways, textured stucco walls, wooden ceilings and mosaic mantel tops.

Or you can create a simpler design with white walls and wooden floors, using one or two pieces of Mediterranean furniture, throw rugs and lamps to add a nice accent to your room. Styles can be extremely formal – such as the „Cream Royal Chair“ and „Arabian Nights Bench“, or they can be quaint and functional, like the „Sahara Red Chair“ and „Marrakech Table.“

In ancient times, mosaic tiles were a symbol of status and higher taste, while many new conquerors (such as the Normans) used mosaic designs to further the legality of their rule. Often times, the intricate designs created by local artisans blended Eastern and Western tradition, or Christian and Islamic religiosity. Mosaic tiles could be found back through Ancient Macedonian palaces in Aegae, Hellenistic villa floors, Roman villa floors in Africa and in Moorish Spain art. In your home, the beautiful and historically rich mosaic tile can be incorporated on the living room floor, as a border, as a backdrop on the kitchen walls, on a mirror frame or a table top.

Colors are very important in Mediterranean furniture, often mimicking sky, sunset and oceanic tones. You’re likely to see designs patterning light and dark blue or light and dark red, coupled with a splash of terra cotta, olive green or gold.

Quality is very high with Mediterranean furniture because it’s all handmade and carefully constructed. In addition, larger pieces of Mediterranean furniture are characterized by long-lasting, heavy wood, sturdy black iron and short, thick legs.

There’s something inherently spiritual about designing a Mediterranean or Moroccan room. The word „Morocco,“ derived from a Berber word „Marrakech“, means Land of God. If you gaze upon any of the old world churches in Spain, Turkey or Italy, you’ll see the same mosaic tiles, brilliant colors and ornate designs that our original, hand-crafted Mediterranean furniture features. Take that moment of serene pleasure once you’ve arranged everything and appreciate the historic beauty that these styles have brought into your home.

Source by Adeal Benhayoun