Moorish Lighting & Moroccan Ligh Fixtures

Moorish Lighting & Moroccan Ligh Fixtures

At ST. TROPEZ BOUTIQUE,LLC announces the arrival of its newly designed selection of exquisitely handmade Moroccan lighting, Moroccan tiles, and Moroccan home decor. This latest collection includes a vast array of Moroccan tiles, decorative Mediterranean tiles, Spanish tiles, hand-painted Moroccan doors, Moroccan lanterns, Moroccan sconces, Moroccan chandeliers, Moroccan pendant lighting as well as intricately decorated Moroccan doors. The newest 

collection offers to architects, interior designers and home-decorators a multitude of options when it comes to decorating their upcoming residential or commercial project projects.
Saint Tropez Boutique’s latest collection of Moroccan lighting has some unique light fixtures design from the contemporary Moroccan lighting designs to the traditional Moroccan lighting design including Moroccan wall sconces, Moroccan chandeliers, Moroccan lanterns, Moroccan hanging pendant lighting, Moroccan lamps handcrafted from top quality Moroccan solid brass and are pre-wired for UL. For those looking for selection high-end Moroccan lighting fixtures, Saint Tropez Boutique is unmatched.
For those needing of kitchen tiles or bathroom tiles, Saint Tropez Boutique’s latest collection of handmade Moroccan tiles includes huge selection of Zillij tiles also known as Zellige or Moorish mosaic tiles in traditional Moroccan geometric patterns and a blend of exquisite Moroccan color pallet.

Saint Tropez Boutique provides great variety and style with its latest collection Moorish lighting, Moroccan light fixtures, Moroccan tiles, Moroccan home décor, Moroccan wood doors, Moroccan wood lattice screens of Moroccan for those looking to create an exotic and lavish Moroccan style design and home decorating.

About Saint Tropez Boutique
For so many centuries, Moorish architecture and Moroccan interior design has been the most beautiful architectures and home decorating in the world due to their lavish patterns, designs, colors, and timeless beauty. ST Tropez Boutique,LLC is commited to provide high quality handmade Moroccan & Moorish style architectural elements and home decor including Handmade Moroccan tiles , Moorish tiles , Mediterranean tiles, Spanish tiles, Andalusian tiles, Moroccan furniture , Moorish style home decorating, Moroccan lighting , Moorish lighting , Mediterranean light fixtures , Moroccan plaster stucco , Moroccan carved wood doors, Mediterranean wrought iron windows grills, Moroccan tables, Moroccan ottomans, Moroccan brass doors , Beni ouarain rugs , Moorish woodwork, Moresque ornamental carving, Muqarnas , Zouak wood painting, Moorish gardens & landscaping design, Moroccan gebs carving, Jali screens , Tadelakt lime plaster stucco, Arabesque mashrabiah wood screens, Moroccan arts & crafts, Mediterranean architectural salvage, reclaimed tiles, Moroccan tents, Arabian desert bedouin tents, Moroccan tribal rugs, Ethnic lighting fixtures, Islamic wood lattice screens, Moroccan painted wood ceiling, Antique Mediterranean tiles , and much more.

# Our Mission:

To save, protect, and promote the Moorish architecture and Moroccan arts & crafts and to become the world leader in Moorish architecture, Arabesque architecture, Moroccan architecture, and Islamic architecture.

# Our Core Values:

1. Incorporating talent, experience, research, design, planning, and handcrafting to produce the finest and unique masterpieces with the highest quality.
2. Practicing our crafts with integrity
3. To be green by using as much as organic & environment friendly materials in our crafts

# Our Work:

ST Tropez Boutique specializes in custom Moorish & Moroccan crafts work to our clients specifications. We are not just a retails company but we design, manufacture, and exclusively distribute our products worldwide. Our products are custom made to order and are 100% handcrafted using the finest raw materials by master craftsmen that still use traditional tools and technique unchanged for so many centuries in Morocco.

For more information, please contact us at:

Address: 25 Evelyn Way. San Francisco, California 94127 U.S.A
Phone: (415) 513-5920
Fax: (415) 871-2188

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