Moroccan Henna Leather Lamps

Moroccan Henna Leather Lamps

If you are looking to add a unique piece of Moroccan décor to your home, then take the time to consider a Moroccan henna leather lamp. There are several styles, as some are designed as regular table lamps with a henna leather shade, and others are designed as henna leather orbs, with a bulb inside which hangs from the ceiling or from a swag. Either way, these lamps create a very soft light that will give your space a sense of warmth that cannot be achieved with many standard lighting methods.

There are several characteristics that make these lamps unique. The first is the leather itself. Usually made of a dried goatskin, this natural material serves to diffuse the light in a way that gives the room a mottled feel. Because of the slight variations in thickness and density in the dried skin, light is allowed to pass through it with varying degrees of intensity. This creates a more natural feeling within the light that is distributed and the pattern of the light itself can become a key element in the décor of the room. Another characteristic of Moroccan henna leather lamps that makes each one unique is the actual henna artwork that adorns each one.

Typically, hand painted by female artists, each Moroccan henna leather lamp boasts its own unique henna design. Even if many are produced with the same basic pattern, each one will be different in its own right because the natural fibers of each dried skin will accept the henna ink differently. If the dried goatskin is very dense, then the artist may be able to create very fine, intricate lines. A more porous skin, however, will create a diffused effect, as the ink will be drawn into the skin and will create a softer line. No two natural leather henna lamps will ever be the same.

Another attribute that gives each Moroccan henna leather lamp its individuality is the way that the goatskin is dyed. Often times a die is added to the skin as it is dried, causing the light that comes through to carry the particular hue of the dye. This creates an effect that is similar to stained glass, but without any glass. As with the henna ink, the dye will be absorbed differently by every single skin. Thus ensuring in one more way that your piece will be unique, and that you not find an exact replica lighting up your neighbor’s sitting room in the future.

Depending largely upon where your lamp was made, the henna design itself may be symbolic of some tribal attributes. From each geographically unique area of Morocco comes a tradition and style of henna art that separates it from the others. To our untrained eyes, they may all carry the same characteristics, but with some research you will be able to enjoy finding out the history of the art that adorns your new lamp and being able to give your guests details on the amazing artists who create these masterpieces.

Since many people are seeking individuality in their spaces and are moving away from mass-produced pieces that might be found anywhere, a Moroccan henna leather lamp may be a great piece for you to add to your living space. It will allow you to further enhance the sense of individuality that you are trying to create, while at the same time serving as a very functional lighting method.

Source by Andy West