Moroccan Mosaic Masterpieces

Moroccan Mosaic Masterpieces

Moroccan and Arabesque tile craft is considered an art form by many. From their ancient roots dating back to the Frumuseni Mosaics of the Byzantines a thousand years ago, to the assiduous attention to detail employed in the creation of complex geometries and floral patterns, Moroccan zellige (=zillij) tile patterns have steadily evolved into some of the most spectacular masterpieces ever conceived in ceramics and therefore take their rightful place as one of the defacto staples of Mediterranean culture and design.

Dignitaries and patrons of the art used zellige tiles historically to decorate their homes as a statement of luxury and the sophistication of their inhabitants. Zellige tile patterns are typically comprised of a series of patterns utilizing colorful geometric and/or floral shapes. This framework of expression arose from the need of Islamic artists to create spatial decorations that avoided depictions of living things, consistent with the teachings of Islamic law. Being limited in their creativity for centuries to creating solely geometric and floral shapes, Moorish artisans managed to elevate the craft into an art form. In addition to intricate shapes, what defines the brilliance of zellige tiles is vibrant colors (earth tones) and rich textures.

Because of increasing exposure to cultivated Westerners and a cultural and artistic sort of Renaissance in the Arabic World, the making of zellige tiles is blooming now more than ever. Discerning people all over the world have discovered that zellige tiles are ideal applications and solutions for elegant bathrooms, lavish kitchens, rustic floors, monumental entrances, regal courtyards, exotic fountains etc, realizing that they will add a deep sense of character and sophistication to any Mediterranean Mansion, Tuscan Villa, or Moroccan Kasbah.

Maalems (= master artisans) employed by LE MOSAISTE and their partners have had the privilege to display their abilities to numerous high profile individuals and organizations over the years. As a result, several of their accomplished projects grace magnificent landmarks and rate among the world’s most well-known Moroccan mosaic works. Many of their award-winning mosaic creations can be found in royal castles, famous mosques, commercial structures, public places, and refined villas across Northern Africa, the Middle East and more and more Western countries. Examples include the Royal Palaces in Morocco, the great Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, the Mamounia Hotel in Marrakech, the Moroccan section at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, the Maison du Maroc in Paris, France, the International Gardens of Cairo in Egypt and so on.

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Source by Patrick Copic