Protection From Evil

Protection From Evil

Are you a victim of the evil eye? Would you be interested in getting protection from evil ?

Evil eye is a powerful mystical practice that can cause disruption to your financial holdings and emotional state, sickness and sadness. It is also believed Regardless of your background and spiritual beliefs, the evil eye can find its way to hurt you and sabotage your happiness.

Once a spell has been cast on you, your soul, mind and spirit will never be the same again. Over the years, people have developed various defense mechanisms against the evil eye. Some of these protection devices include prayers, „protection-amulets“ and „protection-talismans“.  

Based on numerous books and articles written by kabbalah specialists and academics, it is now known that these unique talismans and amulets can ward off evil in any shape and form. Rabbi David Azulai is one of the few kabbalists to offer customized evil eye protection talismans and amulets. If you believe that you are a victim of evil eye, please contact Rabbi Azulai for a special consultation. Once you submit your information, the Rabbi will be able to detect those negative frequencies / energies which surround your body or soul.  The second step involves removing the evil eye. Rabbi Azulai baths in the Mikve before preparing the special protection talismans and amulets for you. During this process, the Rabbi connects to the world of truth and removes all past curses, negative frequencies and spells that could harm you and your family or prevent you from achieving your personal goals. Once the purification process has been completed, you will forever be protected!

Source by David Azulai