Sex Is a Solution to Your Baldness

Sex Is a Solution to Your Baldness

Sex practiced for thrice of more times in a week on regular basis is found to induce the hair growth in the bald men and women, according to the study conducted by the Institute of the Sexual Health, Morocco. Sex is the utmost experience of pleasure and happiness in life. Sex has many health benefits and now it has been also found to be as a useful treatment in the hair growth. Sex promotes the hair growth in men by promoting the production of the hormone testosterone that is found to be very essential component in the hair growth. The baldness in the men or women is basically observed due to the lack of the testosterone and increase in the level of the dihydrotestosterone.

Baldness is also observed due to the age, whereas some research even says that baldness is found to be caused by decrease in the frequency of sex. To study the relationship between the baldness and sex, a study was conducted in which 212 people participated. Both men and women were included in the study. Then each person was asked about that how frequently they indulge in a sex during the week. Then the three groups were formed one group including people who practice sex 3 or more times, second group included the people who practice sex twice in a week, and third group that practiced sex for less than 2 times. Then the hair check up of the people from each group was conducted, it was observed during the check up that the hairs of the people who had sex 3 or more times were good in the strength and overall quality, and the people who performed sex less than even twice were bald or having a very poor quality of hair.

In the second phase of the study, the people who were having sex less than 2 times in a week were asked to indulge in sex for 3 or more times in a week. They were asked to continue this sex routine at least for about 4 months. After 4 months the quality of the hairs of these men was checked. It was observed during the checking that many of the people were having the thick hair than before and even the baldness was completely stopped in them. Even the hair on some bald places was observed during the study. So, the hair re-growth was observed in these people after they started practicing sex thrice or more than thrice in a week. The hair growth was observed in both men and women subjects.

From the above mentioned studies we can conclude that sex promotes hair growth. Still many of the scientists don’t agree to the fact that sex alone can promote the hair growth because many other studies have failed to show the desired results. But, one thing is true that sex takes bit long to show the hair growth, might be and other studies been carried out for short duration. However, this study is not being approved and once it gets approved then we can say with surety that sex promotes baldness.

Sex when performed regularly increases the amount of the testosterone in the men and progesterone in the women that stops the formation of the dihydrotestosterone from the testosterone. Dihydrotestosterone is found to be causing the baldness. So, once the dihydrotestosterone production is staunched then the baldness is prevented. Then the increase in the testosterone levels first strengthens the hair follicles and then improves the food supply to the hair which makes them thick and shiny. So now if you or your spouse is facing baldness then you should start engaging in sex often and you will once again get your beautiful hair back.

Source by jack bond