Spanish or Mandarin Chinese – Which Should You Choose as a Second Language?

Spanish or Mandarin Chinese – Which Should You Choose as a Second Language?

For many people learning a new language is an exciting prospect. There may be a number of reasons why you may want to learn a new language, such as for better employment prospects, for travel interests, etc.

If you are interested in learning a second language but can’t decide which one then read on as I will recommend two languages with many advantages.

Often people will decide on which language they want to learn by the country to want to visit, and Spanish has been one of the most popular second languages for native English speakers. Spain offers fantastic holidays with brilliant Mediterranean climate, delicious food, wonderful scenery, and a vibrant culture.

However in the wake of the increasing presence which China has in the world Mandarin Chinese has become an increasingly demanded second language. Primarily this has been from people of business who wish to develop good working relations with their Chinese business partners and contacts. But the personal demand for Mandarin tuition has increased, with rising popularity and prospects of travelling and working in Mainland China.

So Which Langauage Should You Choose?

Here are a few facts and benefits about learning Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. Lets start with Spanish.

  • Spanish is the native language of over 30 countries, by far the most widespread language besides English
  • There are over 500,000,000 speakers of Spanish globally, this includes native speakers and those as a foreign language. Over 85% of these are native speakers.
  • Spanish speaking countries have some of the most amazing travel prospects in the world. Spain, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Costa Rica, Cuba are all countries with thriving tourism and attracts millions of visitors each year.
  • Spanish culture is vibrant, something very contrasting to cultures in English speaking countries.
  • Spanish cuisine is unique and delicious.

So now you know some of what becomes open to you when you learn Spanish, let’s take a look at what learning Mandarin Chinese can offer.

  • Mandarin Chinese is the official language of the Peoples Republic of China. China has a population of 1.4 billion people of which over 85% speak Mandarin Chinese as their mother tongue making Mandarin the most widely spoken language in the world.
  • China is fast becoming a superpower economically, this offers many business, employment and cultural exchange opportunities now and even more in the future.
  • China is a vast country with an ancient history (over 5,000 years of continuous civilisation) and unique heritage of art, philosophy, cuisine amongst many other things.
  • Chinese culture is also extremely broad and vibrant, each region has it’s specialities which differ completely from anywhere else
  • Learning Mandarin can be viewed as more than just for interest, it is an investment in yourself. China is set to become the major player in the world economically, this is hard to doubt simply from the fact that every 1 in 5 people reside in China. With the ability to speak Mandarin you are opening up a vast amount of opportunity for yourself to travel, work, and live in China. On top of this the ability to communicate with over 1 billion people of the world!
  • To learn more about Mandarin Chinese and how you can learn if effectively, easily whilst having fun click here

So to summarize, there are benefits to learning both these languages. Which one you decide to learn is completely down to your preferences and interests. In my opinion Spanish is a language for a wider variety of travel over greater areas of the globe, but Mandarin is something which will give you better prospects for the future on top if that is what you are looking for. If you can’t decide then why not grab a free 6 day taster of both these wonderful language below.

Spanish Taster Course

Mandarin Chinese Taster Course

Source by Melissa Hirst