Super Cool Fashion Designer Games at Girlsense

Super Cool Fashion Designer Games at Girlsense

Online fashion games are super cool. I play every chance I get. My favorite website for fashion design games is GirlSense. It’s so cool. You can do everything. You can make your own eBoutique and design your own fashion brand, and then sell your items to other girls for virtual money. You can participate in auctions where other girls can bid for your creations. I just love fashion. I watch the fashion channels on TV. My favorite designers are Alexander McQueen and Valentino. One day I hope to be a fashion journalist of a fashion photographer. When I play fashion designer games it helps me learn about styling and colors, and how they go together.

The first and most important thing to do when you create an eBoutique, is to think about the background. This means the flooring, wallpaper, and accessories. You can do all these at GirlSense. It’s real life-like. I’ll explain exactly why each of these items is important, but first, you need to think in terms of the whole eBoutique, and what kind of image or vision you are trying to convey: Do you want your eBoutique to be fun? Do you want your fashion design game to be classy and sophisticated? Maybe you want your eBoutique to have a laid back feel to it? Think about it for a while, and play around with the designs. Think about what clothes you are going to display in your eBoutique, and create it accordingly.

Let me give you some tips on floors. They might sound insignificant now, but believe me they are an important part of your eBoutique. Therefore, put some thought into it. Look at all the available options at GirlSense, and pick the one that will match your concept the best.
For example, a tiled floor makes you think of the Middle East – countries like Morocco or Egypt. A wooden floor, on the other hand, might make you think about a house in a cold country, like Norway or Canada. Wood has more warmth than stone.

My advice about flooring is just one example of how to approach the design of your fashion design games eBoutique. Do the same with wallpaper, furniture, and accessories. Soon you’ll find that you have created a complete concept. Then you’ll be ready to put your clothing line together. Soon you will be playing online fashion games, and getting satisfaction out of having other girls buy items from your eBoutique.

Source by JohnM