The Best In The World Of Kiteboarding

The Best In The World Of Kiteboarding

All roads lead to Tarifa and Tarifa is in Andalusia. And this happens as the The Kiteboard Official World Championship Tour kicks off here. The Kiteboard Pro World Tour has taken place in this stunning town and it started on the 1st of July until the 5th.

Tarifa is one perfect spot for water sports like sailing, kitsurfing, surfing and kiteboarding because of its location. Located at the southernmost part of Spain, Tarifa is really one good place to host this exciting event and that is because of the constant wind from the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Hotels are also not a problem in this town because of the number of such nearby. Tarifa’s beauty is also an added attraction to the kiteboarding enthusiasts. And to those interested in geography, it is interesting to note that Tarifa’s lights at night can be seen from Morocco. Morocco’s shoreline is just across Tarifa’s splendid coasts and so with such a sight.

Going back to the Kiteboard Official World Championship Tour, registration took place in Ensenada De Valdevaqueros. It has been expected that a lot of kiteboarders around the world will join in this Kiteboard Pro World Tour and that expectation did happen. Aside from the 5,000 Euros prize money for the champion, 405 points will also given to the World Ranking. Add to the combination the experience of being part of this event.

Another interesting fact to note is that Tarifa is considered to be the European Capital for water sports like sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Keep in mind as well that this is the place’s first time to hold such an event and it is going to be a big one at that. Just imagine the sand, sea, surf, and sun and the festive atmosphere. Parties and concerts were also part of the activities organized by the ISAF/IKA. A lot did not miss this world gathering of kiteboard enthusiasts. They definitely were able to experience the opportunity to compete against the world’s best kiteboarders. Or just plain be in the presence of the greats.

Since this has been a world event, you may ask what is the best kiteboard available in the market now. Not that it is not important but whether you are using brand new kiteboards, kiteboards from kiteboarding sales or even used kiteboards, it is the thrill and fun of the game that matters. Maybe you should start now so the next time another one comes up, you will be ready to take part in the competition.

Source by Tricia Oliver