The Best Recreational Place in Florida: Busch Gardens & Wet N Wild

The Best Recreational Place in Florida: Busch Gardens & Wet N Wild

Busch Gardens which is located in Tampa Bay is the combination of wildlife and amusement thrill parks. There are over 300 species of animals and in the park entrance the pools are populated by alligators and turtles. Enjoy the thrilling rides of Busch Gardens and to see and do it you have to buy the Busch Gardens Tickets. The most interesting among all is the safari adventure of Rhino Rally. Here you will be able to see the white rhinos and other critters. It is the fact that Florida theme parks have enough surprises to offer to its visitors who may be first time visitor or frequent visitor who are Florida residents. Get the exciting views of Africa in Tampa Bay which is of 355 acre park themed like Africa in the 19th century.

The different reputed roller coasters are the only reasons for charging admission in to this theme park. However, there are 12 rides, 7 roller coasters and 3 water rides. Apart from this Busch Gardens have attractions that include Morocco, Bird Garden, Stanleyville, Congo, Timbuktu, Nairobi, Crown Colony, Egypt, etc. Moreover, the Animal Exhibits are also prime attraction where you can experience the close encounter with animals, reptiles and birds. The names of Animal exhibits are the Serengheti Plain, Myombe Reserve, Curiosity Cavers and Edge of Africa.

Wet n Wild is the water park which has world class thrill rides and quality service. Summer is the right time to experience this wet watery adventure and definitely the fun lovers will enjoy fully its various attractions like Disco H2O, Surf lagoon wave pool, Wild One, etc. with Wet N Wild Tickets. The park is having qualified lifeguards for safety and security purposes. There are many arrangements which are pre-arranged for the safety of the children. However, Wet n Wild is an ideal place to have fun together with friends and the entire family.

Florida Themepark Tickets are available online and it will be worth to book in advance for by doing this you can get the tickets in discounted rates and also you need not to face further hassles like standing in a long queue for buying tickets.

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