Things To See On Your Holidays To Western Sahara

Things To See On Your Holidays To Western Sahara

Western Sahara is the part of north western Africa. It shares its borders with Morocco on the northern side, Algeria in the north east, the Atlantic Ocean in the eastern side and Mauritania to the east and south sides. This country is one of the most sparsely populated places in the world as it contains mainly desert. El Aaiun is the largest city of Western Sahara and it consists of more than half of the total population.

The Western Sahara is the only African country that provides some exciting holiday opportunity both for laid back and adventurous people. This country offers several tourist destinations where you can spend some quality time with your fiends and family. For all those people who like water, Canal de los Fortines is an ideal place for them. This is a beach where you can do several types of activities like water sports and having the best local cousins. This place is also great if you want to get a good sun tan.

Another popular beach in Western Africa is the Playa de Pikin. Here, you can enjoy the water sports along with a great hospitality experience. The area also has a good selection of holiday home rentals. There are luxury villas with swimming pools and also self catering holiday apartments

To get a feel for the local history of Western Africa, you can include a visit to Sidi Aomar Uld Beidil-la in your trip. This is a tomb where you can have detailed information about the country and its rulers. Most tourists are amazed during their trip to this tomb and it an extremely popular tourist attraction.

Western Sahara is also famous for its desert in Atar. This town is situated in the centre of the country. The place is an ideal place for all those people who like to explore the local area. You can visit this place by your own private vehicle or hire a cab for your convenience. But it is advisable that you should visit this place by a private cab as the climate conditions are not suitable for vehicles. It is also important for you to carry lots of water, clothes, and food items as the climate here is very hot and the resources are not easily available here. This desert covers an area of 650 kilometres.

From Atar you can go to the Chinguetti and Ouadane by road. These places are seventh holiest and oldest towns of the Western Sahara respectively. Here, you can also enjoy some off road driving that is an adventurous ride that gives you a larger than life experience of desert racing.

There are several religious places in the Western Sahara that give you opportunity to experience the religious culture of this country. These places are Sidi Ahmed Babo, Rayem el Antri, Sidi Aabdal-la Ben Musa, Sidi Bubequer and Leyaraf. All these places are famous for Islam worshiping.

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