Top Cruise Destinations during the Spring Months

Top Cruise Destinations during the Spring Months

Spring is such a wonderful time of the year to get out of the house and enjoy a good vacation. The weather is usually mild and pleasant which means that there is room for plenty of outdoor activity – hiking, boating, sailing, biking, and even water sports. The spring months fall right after the hectic holiday season and right before the hot summer months when the kids gear up to take their summer breaks. Spring falls right in the middle, it is an ideal time of year to consider a cruise getaway.

While most people want to take a cruise to a tropical destination during the cold, harsh winter months, prices can really get you. The same goes for the summer months, when the kids are off from school and families try to do the annual summer family fling. The spring allows for you to get the best of both worlds: mild weather and mild prices for many top cruise destinations. But how do you know which destinations are the best for the spring months? This guide should help you set your sails in the right direction.

Caribbean Destinations

The Caribbean is a beautiful and incredible place to be, any time of the year. But in the spring, its idyllic beaches, warm waters, and swaying palm trees are just as beautiful as they are in the winter months but at half the price. Look for a cruise itinerary that takes you island hopping throughout the region. This will allow you to soak up the sun and experience as many islands as possible on your trip. Popular destinations include St. Lucia, Margarita, Barbados, and Jamaica.

Transatlantic Destinations

Who says that in the spring you have to stay on one side of the ocean? When it comes to taking a cruise, it is very much about the journey as well as the destination. A transatlantic cruise will allow you to experience a trip out to sea and some very exciting destinations once you reach them! Imagine enjoying wonderful spring weather with no sign of land on the horizon, watching the sun set over the majestic Atlantic ocean? Obviously the itinerary will depend on the cruise line, but you’ll have a chance to see locations such as Morocco, Bermuda, Brazil, Florida, the Caribbean, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom all in one fell swoop.

Hawaiian Destinations

If you have never wanted to go to Hawaii, stop reading now! Seriously though, who hasn’t wanted to go to Hawaii at some point in their lives? The tropical state welcomes visitors with its unique natural beauty, active yet gentle volcanoes, and exotic flora with some glorious mountains in the backdrop. Hawaii, in the spring, is a haven of relaxation, waterfalls, lush rainforests, and exhilaration. The weather is perfect during the spring months to enjoy Hawaii in all of its glory.

Dutch Tulip Cruises

Many people will answer, “Tulip” when asked to come up with a flower they associate with the spring season. There is no place on earth more famous for its tulips than the Netherlands. If you want to escape the cabin fever that set in during the cold winter months, a bright, exciting spring cruise to the Dutch tulip country may be just what you need. Holland in the spring is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. A Dutch tulip river cruise will bring you through huge displays of tulips and other gorgeous spring bulb flowers which are simply breathtaking.

As long as you do a little research before setting sail on a spring cruise, you should have the time of your life at a fraction of the cost. In today’s waxing and waning economy it makes complete sense to bargain hunt for vacations just as you would other major purchases such as a home, computer, or car. A spring cruise is definitely a bargain but with high rewards. Often, the cruises take you to great destinations but without all the crowds of tourists.

If you are considering taking a cruise during the spring months, talk to your travel agent. He or she will be able to tailor a cruise itinerary that works best for you, your family, and your budget. Go to your travel agent with a little research behind you and with a list of questions of which popular spring cruise destinations are the most affordable and when, and what activities would be made available to you. Happy cruising! Happy Spring!

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