Top Ten Travel Destinations

Top Ten Travel Destinations

Naming top ten travel destinations could prove easy, but how relevant such a list is, that is debatable. This article refers to the most popular locations identified or recognized starting from the statistics made with international travel agencies, and on the basis of travelers‘ reviews posted on various web pages.

To many tourists, Latin America is the perfect place to go on holiday: there is the beauty of cities like Rio de Janeiro and the mystical attraction of Peru and the ancient Maya and Inca cultural remnants. The cultural impact, the leisure activities combined with favorable climates, make this part of the world become the holiday destination of millions of tourists from all over the world.

Europe deserves its good name for the great sights it offers to travelers: Paris, Rome, Venice, Spain’s Arab treasures and the misty lands of Ireland and Scotland, and these are just a few of the things that make the old continent one in the top ten travel destinations. Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza require a special mention here, as they complete the list of exotic resorts in the European part of the world.

The Egyptian Pyramids and Morocco mark any foreigner who visits them, and travel agencies sell thousands of touristic packages for holidays on to the North of Africa. One of the features of African resorts consists in the constant touristic push and a magic harmony in the mixture of cultures that mingle so much in the crowded North-African cities. Whether you choose a well known resort or a more discreet one, this part of Africa will always rank among the top ten travel destinations.

Moving further on to the distant countries of the Far East it is impossible not to notice the fascination with Nepal and the ancient Buddhist temples on the roof of the world. It is the Nepalese capital city, Kathmandu, with its thirteen hundred years of history that embraces most of the tourist crowds. As for the climbing of the Everest, very few courageous people dare to challenge their limits on the crests of Himalaya.

Last but not least, lots of great sunny islands can be included in a top ten travel destinations list: Bali, Jamaica, Crete, Hawaii and many others, which is why the list proves virtually limitless, as so are the beauties man and God created. It goes without saying that the places that you take most to the heart are those you’d also like to visit, and therefore, anyone can create a list of top ten travel destinations.

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