Transforming Master Bedroom Into Retreat

Transforming Master Bedroom Into Retreat

Transforming Master Bedroom Into Retreat

Does it just seem like your life has become a little too—organized? What happens when the bedroom becomes just as sterile as the rest of your life and is no longer a retreat from the world and a place to just relax? Who says we can’t go a little crazy in our master bedroom and really deck it out the way we want and indulge ourselves? Hey, we work hard so there is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to play hard—in our own homes!

Transforming the master bedroom into your own private retreat is not nearly as hard or complicated as you might think. Sometimes, the subtle changes can have the most profound effects which is why you want to start with the light fixtures. Simply indulging your fantasies and choosing elaborate and intricate Tiffany lamps and matching ceiling pendants can completely revolutionize a space. The softly diffused light coming through a Tiffany lampshade will help set a relaxing tone in the space and make every minute in the room a treasured moment.

Where feasible, a fireplace is another great addition in the bedroom. While you may not be able to install a chimney and a genuine wood-burning hearth, you can buy a fireplace powered by natural gas. Easier to install and maintain, a gas fireplace in the bedroom will still generate a romantic atmosphere and is sure to become the only place you want to be on those long, cold winter nights! Be sure to buy a beautiful fireplace screen (a stained glass screen is the best!) or perhaps a stunning candelabra to really help set the space off and generate the right atmosphere. Locate great ideas for fireplace accessories at

Finally, the linens are something that can really define the bed and we tend to be quite conservative when buying. Sometimes, you may just want to throw on a set of „naughty“ bed linens for special occasions (like when the kids are away at „band camp“!). Or, maybe there is just some special afghan that may be uglier than homemade sin but is the most comfortable thing you have ever known. The point is that the master bedroom should be your retreat and a relaxing place to come home to—this is the one room where the imagination should be allowed the most freedom so don’t be afraid to indulge your fantasies!

How To Create An Exotic Moroccan Bedroom

Moroccan d้cor is quite popular in modern homes, due to its dramatic jewel toned colors, gorgeous exotic patterns and luxurious Moroccan fabrics. Making a bedroom into an exotic Moroccan bedroom is a decorating project that can be very exciting. From choosing the Moroccan furniture pieces you like to finding the Moroccan bedding and decorating accessories that fit your taste and set the mood of your room, the shopping experience will surely be a pleasant one with so many Moroccan home accessories to browse through and enjoy.

How to Start Your Decorating Project

Start by selecting your paint color. What color excites you for your Moroccan inspired bedroom? You have lots of color choices with this theme. Moroccan d้cor spans a wide range of colors – from cobalt blue to saffron yellow; from shocking pink to brilliant red and gorgeous greens. Any of these colors would work nicely in this African d้cor. Offset with some earthy tones, like sand and cinnamon and your bedroom will definitely take on the decorative appeal of Morocco.

Use Moroccan Home Accessories To Complete The Look

You can add wonderful touches of Moroccan design to your bedroom with mood lighting using Moroccan candle lanterns or lamps. Use authentic lanterns imported from Morocco if your budget allows or you can achieve the same look and feel with beautiful Moroccan-inspired candle lanterns at a substantial savings.

There are many Moroccan lanterns and lamp designs to choose from. You can start adding that exotic touch by purchasing just a few Moroccan candle lighting fixtures. Hang your Moroccan lighting or place them on side tables or drawer tops.

Many Moroccan lanterns and lamps use candles as their light source, but they can also be electrical. The choice is yours. The advantage of using candles as the light source is that the movement of candle light enhances the romantic mood created by Moroccan candle lanterns. The flickering flame causes the shadow effects made from the intricate pattern cut in the metal of the lanterns to dance about on ceilings.

Heighten the mood in your romantic Moroccan themed bedroom by using scented candles in your exotic candle lanterns.

When it comes to Moroccan bedding, most designers suggest that you stick with spice colors. Your bedding can either match or offset the color scheme of your paint.

Add lots of pillows or cushions on the bed and on the floor. Use pillows with colors and patterns of Morocco. Moroccan fabrics or even some embroidered silk will help you achieve your unique exotic look.

Rugs are another great accessory for your Moroccan bedroom. Use decorative area rugs or authentic Moroccan rugs to soften the floor and enhance the authentic look and feel of your bedroom.

Use canopies or mosquito netting above your bed to give your bed exotic style.

Moroccan furniture, including Moroccan tables, chairs, wardrobes, headboards and chests, can be heavy wooden or wrought iron pieces. Ornate markings on the heavy wood are common. Metal pieces lean toward being „chunky“. If you want authentic Moroccan furnishings, you should look for Moroccan Imports such as intricately carved screens and carved furniture pieces with mother of pearl or brass details or intricate carvings and brilliant colors.

If you are having a hard time finding decorating ideas for your new exotic Moroccan bedroom, there are many Moroccan decor decorating books to choose from. You can purchase these books to find Moroccan decor ideas you would like to use.

If you are just getting married or buying a home and you like the Moroccan style, you can always put the Moroccan Imports you like on your wish list.

Any look can be achieved for less if you use your imagination. If you’re on a budget, buy accessories and furniture that give you the feeling of Morocco for a fraction of the cost.

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