Trying A Taste Of Dubai

Trying A Taste Of Dubai

Although most of the American chains have firmly established themselves in Dubai, a trip to Dubai isn’t complete without sampling some of the food eaten by the locals.

Food from Dubai is very similar to that of the rest of the Middle East, and Dubai’s diverse population has meant that the wide number of outside cultures present in Dubai have had a large influence on the food eaten there.

The most common influences are from Lebanon, Iran and Morocco, whilst it is even possible to find dishes with origins from India, Pakistan and the Philippines.

When eating in Dubai, particularly Middle Eastern food, it is typical to eat several small samples from a number of dishes during each course rather than one single dish per course. This type of dining is known as mezze and is common throughout most Middle Eastern cultures.

Of all the foods available in Dubai, Shawarma is the most widely available. Shawarma consists of meat cooked on a skewer and then put into pita bread alongside vegetables. For vegetarians, Falafel is also available, often served with houmous.

Another of the popular dishes from Dubai is Matchbous, a classic traditional dish made from lamb, rice and tomato stew. Although Matchbous is widely available from most other Arabian countries, it is extremely popular in Dubai especially when served with loomi or dried lime.

Ghuzi is another popular dish that is served in restaurants throughout Dubai. The ingredients to Ghuzi are simple; a whole roast lamb served on a bed of rice which is often mixed with nuts and vegetables. Although a very simple recipe, the dish is extremely popular with locals and those from across the Middle East and is always worth trying on a trip to Dubai.

Severed with dishes such as Ghuzi and Matchbous is a type of Arabic bread known as roti. Roti is baked in clay ovens and is popular in most Middle Eastern countries including Lebanon and Iran. Similar to a tortilla in appearance, Roti is usually made with plain flour; however some modern recipes use blended flours or processed vegetables within the recipe.

As a choice of dessert, why not try the popular dish known as Umm Ali? Originally from Egypt, Umm Ali is popular throughout Dubai and served in most restaurants. A bread pudding, often served with cream of ice cream, Umm Ali can prove the perfect dish to finish off your meal.

Thanks to an ever-growing number of flights to Dubai, holidays to this destination are quickly growing in popularity. Indeed, a trip to Dubai not only offers the chance to explore new surroundings, but to try new food and broaden your palette.

Source by Adam Singleton