Upscale Moroccan Medina Lights Decor Ideas

Upscale Moroccan Medina Lights Decor Ideas

Moroccan Decor is generally very hard to find in the US and also very unique because of the different historic, cultural and art influences in Morocco.

Lighting is surely a really hard choice in  any decorating project., chandeliers, floor lamps, candle lamps, electric light fixtures or Wall Sconces? After you have decided for a nice chandelier, some sconces and few accent lights, now it  comes to what kind? You are looking for uniqueness, a great design, size, hopefully with a nice story behind your pick. Moroccan lighting with its vivid colors, elaborated geometric forms, exotic designs, and unique raw materials is the most recognized symbol of Moroccan decor.

handcrafted moroccan wall sconces:

MEDINA LIGHTS have A lovely semi-circular wall sconce with amazing symetrical piercings that create wonderful shadows. A lovely brass or iron wall sconce with amazing symetrical piercings that create wonderful shadows. These sconces are entirely handmade from start to finish. Simply hang over an existing wall mounted bulb to create an immediate design statement to your hall way or conservatory.  allelegant and subtle.

medina lights are handmade by local artisans in Morocco using century-old traditions passed from father to son.  they also come in different shapes, designs, and sizes. The colored glass of these lanterns comes in different colors that will either match any home decor or accentuate it. The light glowing through the hand-carved metal magically reflects through the Moroccan-style colors, making walls and ceilings breath-taking.

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Source by Sofia felali