Volunteer Abroad International Opportunities Overseas Volunteering Humanitarian Trips Medical Nurses Emt College & High School Students Families

Volunteer Abroad International Opportunities Overseas Volunteering Humanitarian Trips Medical Nurses Emt College & High School Students Families

Volunteer Abroad Programs – Volunteering Work Opportunities

Welcome to A Broader View Volunteers! We offer international volunteer projects for the globally-minded individual searching for a unique travel experience. Our volunteer projects are available year round in Central America, South America, Asia and Africa.

We offer customized programs with flexible start dates. You choose when you want to volunteer and for how long. We personalize each program to suit your skills and preferences. Regardless if you are traveling solo, with your family, on a spring break, gap year or medical mission, we can arrange a rewarding volunteer experience.


We offer the following A Broader View international volunteering opportunities:

orphanageChild Care/Orphanages projects:

Volunteer abroad in with orphan children and street kids.  As a volunteer, you will primarily assist with the daily care of the kids; including feeding babies, teaching English, playing games, teaching songs, reading activities, creating arts & crafts projects and sharing your affection and attention with these wonderful children.

clinicHIV/AIDS awareness projects:

Volunteer abroad supporting HIV/Aids organizations working in rural communities promoting health education, prevention, awareness and care.

Volunteers work with grassroots local organizations that provide HIV/AIDS education and support to rural communities.

The project is to advocate for women, children and families in the fight against preventable diseases as well as mobilizing communities, strengthening their capacity and using their own resources for acceptable and sustainable projects.

teachingEducation/Vocation projects:

Volunteer abroad working in kindergarten, primary and secondary schools.

As a volunteer, you will primarily assist the local staff with teaching English, math, science, geography and vocational skills such as carpentry, electronics and computer training.  TEFL certificate is not required.

hospitalMedical and Dental projects:

Volunteer abroad at rural clinics and community hospitals. Both hands-on and observation work is available. Health care volunteer placements are open to medical professionals including doctors, dentists, nurses and EMT’s.

This program is also open to nursing and medical students in all medical fields. Medical volunteers must submit a copy of their credentials or nursing certificate, or university/medical school letter verifying enrollment.

constructionConstruction / Community Development projects:

Volunteer abroad  to support women empowerment projects in the community, Volunteers needed for manual labor jobs working along side skilled and unskilled local workers.

Some tasks include building a children’s playground, footbridge, painting, renovation work at the school and farming programs. Volunteer at a school, orphanage or ecology projects.

Conservation and Environmental projects:

Volunteer abroad in a National park helping tortoises or other wildlife, as well as the fauna. The main objective of this project is to rehabilitate the animals and reincorporate them back into their natural habitat. Volunteers will feed animals and clean and repair cages. In addition, they will help build new cages and improve existing facilities

Language & Cultural Immersion.

Language & Cultural Immersion:

Delve into a new language! We provide you the chance to fully immerse into the culture and learn Spanish.

Focusing in conversation practice, grammar, readings and the vocabulary according to the student level and needs. The program is based in 20 hours per week, 4 hours per day from Monday through Friday. Students at all levels are welcome. You choose morning or afternoon classes. The remainder of your day you will volunteer at a local orphanage or school helping children learn English or you can use your time for other activities.

Our programs open you up to world of discovery. You will experience people, places and things of which you have only dreamed. If you have one month to spare or just one week, A Broader View programs offer a real opportunity to experience, learn and contribute in ways which traditional travel does not do.

We provide the unique opportunity to truly experience foreign cultures, learn about new people and have a life-changing experience.

Volunteer with us and gain A Broader View of the World

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