What Are Orthoceras

What Are Orthoceras

The Paleozoic Era, is the era of geologic time, that was about 570 million to 248 million years ago, during which fish, insects, amphibians, reptiles, and land plants first appeared and the Orthoceras Mollusk is said to have lived in large amounts back then.

In the article that I am studying it says that the Orthoceras is a member of the Cephalopod that is known as an octopus or similar ocean animal, it is an invertebrate ocean animal with a large head and tentacles,  like an octopus, squid, or cuttlefish.

The Cephalopod is said to be closely connected by similarities or a common source to the no longer in existence, having died out or ceased to exist giant Cephalopod marine biology same as pearly nautilus
of the preset day.

In the article it was telling of the many tentacles that were emerging from the larger end of the shell where the most distinct features of the Orthoceras was.  

As the Orthoceras was discharging calcium carbonate from its body, a shell was being formed and as the
animal grew it added many new chambers on in the shell. As I keep on reading it says that the genuine
Orthoceras fossils comes from Morocco.

These Orthoceras are primitive members of the phylum cephalopod group and they are somewhat like the Ammonite that share some of there qualities, but not identical with a straight shell.

I found out that the word Orthoceras means Straight Horn, that speaks about the Orthoceras shape. As I found out the article says that all Orthoceras, have what are called chambers and they are said to be these walls that are known as the animals anatomy

The Sip h uncle, is a cord of tissue that secretes gas into the buoyancy chambers of the external shell of a nautilus or similar mollusk.  This article says that the Orthoceras from Morocco exist as white fossils and they are in a dark gray to black marble arrangement. These fossils are said to have a great contrast of color.

Source by patricia Pearce