What are some Green Card Lottery success stories?

What are some Green Card Lottery success stories?

The Green Card Lottery is an annual draw organised by the U.S. Department of State to enable the legitimate entry of foreigners into the United States of America. Every year, 50,000 applicants are selected randomly as Green Card Lottery winners, and each winner is given a Permanent Resident Card to settle in the U.S.A. The Green Card Lottery is the easiest way to fulfilling the American dream and getting a U.S. citizenship. However, winning the Green Card Lottery and enjoying the Green Card Benefits is not as easy as it may seem. Even small errors or missing documents can lead to the rejection, thus reducing the chance to be one of the Green Card Lottery winners.

To fill up your application without any errors, one can seek the expertise of Green Card Consultants like USA Green Card.com. USA Green Card.com employs skilled professionals who are trained in filling up the Green Card Lottery application forms without any mistake. They help you in reviewing your documents and intimate the applicant in case of missing documents. They also offer expert guidance in the requirements of the photograph to be attached and will also format your photo accordingly. USA Green Card.com has helped many foreign nationals to make their American dream a reality by making them Green Card Lottery winners. Here are few credentials.

Mr. G.Friedman from Germany was one of the Green Card Lottery winners who had approached USA Green Card.com to register for the Diversity Visa Lottery-2010. He was clueless about the registration process and was confused with all the requirements for his family’s photographs. The company helped him out in every aspect, thus helping him win the Green Card Lottery.

Here is a testimonial for USA Green Card.com from Moroccans M. and F. Jettou, who are the Green Card Lottery winners of the Diversity Visa-2009. “I was in a bad situation in my country Morocco. My wife and I wanted to go to America so our children could have a better future. We were afraid to use your services and did not know if you could really help us with all the complicated process. We decided to trust you last year and thanks to you we have received our visa winning notice today. Thank you for keeping your word and helping our family, making it easy for us to participate in the program. We are excited about our new life in the US!”

Mr. A. Yenen from Turkey had also sought the help of this company for the DV-2009 lottery and had walked away with a Permanent Resident Card, thus helping him enjoy all the Green Card benefits. Another Green Card Lottery success story is that of Mr. A. Grimes from Northern Ireland who won a Permanent Resident Card in the DV-2008. Before this, he went to another consulting service, which turned out to be a scam. Following this, he approached USA Green Card.com, who provided him with valuable inputs thus helping him join the list of Green Card Lottery winners.

The above mentioned credentials are only a handful of the extensive list of success stories made possible by USA Green Card.com.

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